Today's Roundup

Overwatch: looking for the enemy in Afghanistan.

About 60 rebel targets destroyed in Turkish air strike in Iraq

Iraqi forces set to raid three Sunni provinces to root out Al Qaida

Papers Paint New Portrait of Iraq's Foreign Insurgents (Bastards)

Iraqi Police clash with cult gunmen in southern Iraq

Coalition disrupts al-Qaeda networks across Iraq, 16 suspects detained

Concerned Local Citizens defend checkpoint (Al Quali)

One suspect detained in early morning search operation (Jurf Al Nadjaf)

MND-B Forces seize enemy rockets

Iraqi Army Soldiers find cache in Saydiyah

MND-B Soldiers find cache, arrest suspected extremist

MND-B Soldiers find two caches in Doura

MND-B Soldiers discover EFP, arrest 3

Iraqi Security Forces detain ten in separate operations

Iraqi Police, MND-N Soldiers kill insurgent leader during raid (Salah ad Din)

Iraqi Army raid leads to large cache (Al Kussyat)

ISF, CLCs take lead in AQI clearing operation (Buhritz Al-Abarra)

MND-North Soldiers capture Baquba extremist cell leader

Suicide bomber targets Baquba mosque

Al-Qaeda operations in northern Iraq disrupted; 13 killed, three detained

Coalition forces conduct air strike on al-Qaeda meeting, four terrorists killed (Qulay'ah)

Operation Phantom Phoenix air strikes take out al-Qaeda training area (Arab Jabour)

Local Iraqi farmer assists U.S. Forces (Ad Diwaniyah)

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

"Hope of the Nation" Reports the Taliban Falling Apart

Pak Forces kill 90 militants in Waziristan region

Villagers assist ANSF in removing weapons caches

Pak Army captures 40 militants in South Waziristan

US Troops Kill, Wound 2 Dozen Taliban

Pakistan gunships pound militant stronghold: residents

Combined forces kill or injure over two dozens of insurgents in Afghanistan

Pakistan arrests teen suspect in Bhutto plot

Army kills 10 Islamic militants in Pakistan's tribal region

20 Taliban killed in joint operation

Afghan, Coalition forces detain 4 insurgents, insurgent leader

Pakistani police say avert bomb, cyanide disaster

The West:

Canadian al-Qaida terrorist gets life in prison

Britain targets extremist websites

Spain arrests 14 suspects on Islamist 'terrorism' ties: ministry

Spanish police find explosive material in Barcelona sweep: minister

Jury out in 'terror camps' trial

‘Pakistan to give two Al Qaeda suspects to US’

The Caucasus:

Law enforcers killed 72 militants in Chechnya in 2007

Israel / Levant:

Israeli Airstrike Kills 2 Gaza Militants

Hamas four held in raids

Israel says arrested militants planning train attack

Israel flattens Hamas ministry in Gaza Strip

India / Pakistan:

Pak arrests two suicide bombers

Five ultras arrested in J-K

Bomb-making unit raided


About 500 terrorists identified in the Sahel (France helps in WOT)

(US military) AFRICOM to assist African countries, not establish military bases

Southeast Asia:

(Thailand) INTELLIGENCE BREAKDOWN (moslem intel officers betray their country)

Cops recover two bombs from a bus in lower Assam

Top ULFA militant killed, explosives seized

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