Today's Roundup

DETONATION-U.S. Air Force airmen of the 407th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal team conducts a controlled detonation on Ali Air Base, Iraq, Nov. 17, 2007. The airmen unloaded just under 1,800 pounds of expired munitions to ensure they will not be used against U.S. forces.
Photo By: U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Jonathan Snyder

950 youths, 2,000 Qaeda members held in Iraq: US general

Shia Village Recaptured by Iraq’s Army

Coalition forces capture Special Groups weapons trainer; two killed, five detained (Baghdad)

Coalition forces detain two suspects, disrupt criminal network (Baghdad)

Iraqi Army, Coalition Forces kill 2 insurgents, detain 12 (Kirkuk)

Al-Qaeda networks disrupted; three terrorists killed, 19 detained

Coalition forces capture weapons and foreign terrorist facilitators, 10 detained

Concerned Local Citizens’ tip leads to cache find (Madyriah)

MND-C Soldiers discover cache in haystack (Al Ja’ara)

Coalition forces detain two suspected criminal element members

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, media cells; two killed, 25 detained

UPDATE: Coalition forces positively identify terrorist killed in recent raid (senior advisor to al-Masri)

Coalition forces target an al-Qaeda facilitator; one detained (Baghdad)

Troops capture suspected terrorists (Baghdad)

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist operations; seven detained (Tarmiyah)

Iron Reaper continues pursuit of al-Qaeda

Troops arrest 3 alleged terrorists, find roadside bombs (Rashid district)

Iraq says troops kill 13 militants, arrest 94

Summary of al-Anbar Progress

What I see every day in Iraq: locals turning against the insurgents

Suspected al-Qaida murderer captured in Iraq's Mosul

Qaeda fighters migrating to Iraq’s north: US officials

Turkish army kills 14 PKK militants

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

220 militants killed, 50 caged in Swat

26 militants held in Swat

76 militants seized in Pakistan

Pak launches operation against pro-Taliban cleric Fazlullah

Afghan gov't captures local Taliban commander

Allies prepare to seize Taliban stronghold (Musa Qala)

Afghanistan coalition says strike kills rebels in Taliban stronghold (Musa Qala)

Taliban militants killed, leader arrested

40 Taliban Killed in Afghan Fighting

Several militants killed in Helmand operation

Afghan troops kill 10 Taliban militants in Zabul

The West:

Ex-US Navy Sailor on Trial for Conspiring With al-Qaeda (story #1)

Hearing Shows Informant's Work (story #2)

Jury Deliberations Underway For "Liberty City 7"

3 Convicted in Germany of al-Qaida Aid

BBC 'funded paintballing trip for Islamic terrorists and didn't pass on information about 21/7 bombers'

Saudi Peninsula

Al-Qaida member arrested in Yemen

Saudi Arabia works to protect oil fields from terrorism

Israel / Levant:

Three Hamas militants killed in clash with Israelis

U.S. names 7 Iraqis backing insurgency from Syria

Israeli strike kills two Hamas militants in Gaza

Two Israeli Arabs arrested on suspicion of planning attacks

India / Pakistan:

Hizbul Mujahideen's top militant arrested

Two Lashkar Militants Arrested in Kashmir

Two terrorists held in Jammu and Kashmir

Top Al-Badr militant killed in Jammu and Kashmir

Three militants killed in Bajaur

'Don't worry, no Al Qaeda in Maldives' (India helping the Maldives)

Kashmir encounter ends, 2 militants killed


Somalia: Al-Qaeda cells operating inside the country, says minister

Algerian, Libyan Army units perform exercises to beef up anti-terror fight.

US authorities sue Al-Qaeda Algerian ring leader

Southeast Asia:

Muslims Jailed for Killing Christians (Indonesia)

9 suspected insurgents, drug traffickers arrested in Hat Yai (Thailand)

Philippines convicts 14 Abu Sayyaf militants of 2001 mass kidnapping

A Most Wanted Pakistani Militant Killed in Kashmir Gunfight


Today's Roundup

CLEARING PROCEDURES - U.S. Army soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment instruct Iraqi police room clearing procedures on Forward Operating Base Volunteer in Baghdad, Iraq.
Photo By: Spc. Nicholas A. Hernande, US Army

Sunni Tribal Militias To Fight Iraqi Insurgents

Iraqi Forces Find, Detonate Car Bombs in Sunni Leader's Complex (story #1)

Son of Sunni Leader Arrested in Iraq (story #2)

Iraqi journalist falsely says 11 relatives had been killed by security forces

4 suspects detained in Rashid

Coalition forces target car-bombers, assassins, kidnappers; one killed, 16 detained

Concerned Local Citizens, Coalition Forces secure 3 weapons caches

Coalition forces capture two targeted suspects; disrupt criminal network

Insurgent safe house, house-borne IED blown up (Arab Jabour)

An Nasiriyah SWAT captures high-level IED facilitator, four others

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, car-bombers, propaganda cells

Coalition forces find weapons caches with help from local Iraqis; 18 suspects detained

Iraqi Army seizes counterfeit money (eastern Baghdad)

VBIED discovered near office of COR member; more than 40 detained

Tip leads to cache in eastern Baghdad

Black Lions arrest alleged extremist leaders (West Rashid)

7 suspects detained in Rashid

An Nasiriyah SWAT operation targets extremist IED facilitators

‘Operation Varsity March’ Nets al Qaida Weapons Smuggler

Iraqi SWAT Unit Targets Bomb-Making Cells Near Nasiriyah

Turkey says inflicts heavy casualties on PKK in Iraq

Turkish army arrests 60 PKK fighters

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Pakistani troops arrest 25 militants in Swat

Pakistan arrests 11 suspected militants in northwest

US to target Al Qaeda hideouts inside Pakistan, says Bush

Operation against Swat militants continues

Pakistan security arrests brother of militant leader (Maulana Fazalullah)

Seven Taliban arrested by villagers in Pakistan

Three militants killed in Bajaur, Pakistan

Attack kills 30 Taliban militants (Kandahar)

Four Taliban killed at Afghan wedding

Three Insurgent IED Makers/Planters Killed by Coalition Forces

The West:

Turkey says Germany has extradited 2 PKK militants

Prosecutors seek life sentence for Padilla

Jurors to begin deliberations Monday in Sears Tower terror trial

Slovakia extradites al-Qaeda terrorist suspect to Algeria

Lebanese-American pleads guilty in bid to aid Hezbollah (Detroit)

Probable Connection Between Al Qa'ida and Hizb ut Tahrir

The Caucasus:

Man detained in Dagestan on suspicion planning attack on polling day

Potential guerrilla recruits detained in Chechnya’s Shatoysky district

Serviceman, militant killed in Chechnya attack

Israel / Levant:

Israeli Strike Kills 5 Militants in Gaza

Youths with bombs stopped at Hawara Checkpoint

IDF arrests two suspected terrorists in Nablus overnight

Egyptian police seize explosives, uncover tunnels near Gaza border

One killed, three injured by Israeli forces near refugee camp in Gaza

India / Pakistan:

Lashkar Commander Killed Near Shalimar

Police teams arrest 2 in bomb seizure case

Saudi Peninsula

Prince Naif Asks Islamic Scholars to Fight Deviants

Kuwaitis Convicted of Jihad Group Membership Sentenced To Death


Algeria, Mali set up joint border patrols to fight terrorists

Southeast Asia:

Fresh fighting in southern Philippines, 15 terrorists killed

Two suspected militants shot dead in Manipur

Troops seize sayyaf, MNLF camp in Sulu, Philippines


Today's Roundup

Company E soldiers stand on guard during a patrol in Hadar. They are, left to right: Spc. Baird Kelly, Pvt. Matthew Sanchez and Staff Sgt. Darrell Card. Back, left to right: Spc. Jason Shepherd and Spc. Nicholas McCauley. On Sept. 4, an estimated 50 al-Qaida militants hit their combat outpost with sniper fire, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades for six hours.
Seth Robson / S&S

Unit battled to take over ‘al-Qaida’s Castle’

US Identifies 3 al-Qaeda Leaders Killed

Dragoons catch suspect linked to abductions of US soldiers

Talks Are Set on Ending Battle of Iraq

Iraqi forces now leading most operations

Troops Detain Dozens, Kill Terrorist Suspect

Cell Leader Captured in Al Saker

Hawr Rajab Concerned Local Citizens turn in explosives cache to new unit

EOD team identifies house-borne IED, F-16 destroys it (Maderiyah)

Twelve detained as Coalition forces target al-Qaeda terrorist operations

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Forces disrupt Baghdad terrorist cell

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain terrorist cell leader, two others in separate oper

Iraqi Police find massive weapons cache in southern Ninevah

Operation Varsity March leads to capture of suspect (Sayafiyah)

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain 13 in separate operations (Balad)

Concerned citizen’s tip leads to large cache find in Adhamiyah

Ten detained as Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq operations (Tigris River Valley)

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain 3, uncover 18 IEDs in separate operations

Troops kill al-Qaida militants (Baiji)

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Pakistan army 'retakes key peak' in Swat

Militants vacate trenches in several areas of Swat (50 Taliban killed)

Pakistani troops regain control of town in Swat

Afghan Commandos Detain Several Taliban Extremists

Yorkshire soldiers help seize million dollar drugs haul in Afghanistan

Taliban weapons smuggling operations disrupted

Elite Afghan force continues to neutralize Taliban insurgents

Afghan citizens continue to rid their villages of Taliban insurgents

ANSF seize ammunition cache

The West:

Judge sentences Somali immigrant in shopping mall terror plot (Ohio)

Testimony Ends in Miami Terrorism Case (Liberty City Seven)

Doctor sentenced in NY terrorism case

Slovak police seize 'enriched uranium' in raid

British man fails to block extradition to US in terror case

Israel / Levant:

Jordan sentences al-Qaida militant to 10 years in slaying of US diplomat

2 Hamas militants killed in IDF strike

At least 60 hurt in Fatah-Hamas clashes

Turkey detains four PKK fundraisers

India / Pakistan:

Wanted Hizbul militant killed in Kashmir gunfight

Two militants shot dead in J&K

LeT militants killed in Gandoh, another flees

LeT militant killed in Mahore

Saudi Peninsula

Saudi Arabia Arrests 208 in Antiterrorism Sweep

New Generation of al-Qaeda on Trial in Yemen

The Caucasus:

High-Ranking Terrorist Killed in Chechnya


Today's Roundup

PREDATOR PREP - U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Justin Cole, Tech. Sgt. Marcus Cottengim and Chief Master Sgt. Roy Cupper conduct a pre-flight inspection on an MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle on Ali Air Base, Iraq.
Photo By: U.S. Air Force, Airman 1st Class Jonathan Snyder

US Air Assault Targets Militants (Search for US POWs)

Iraqis push Al Qaeda out of last stronghold in Baghdad

US airstrikes kill 25 Al Qaida suspects in Iraq

Iraqi citizens group holds off al-Qaida (Iraqi minutemen)

U.S. forces kill al-Qaida leader in Mosul

Iraq troops capture 59 Al-Qaida suspects

Iraqi forces detain 30 Al Qaida suspects and chemicals

Clash in Iraq Kills 18 al-Qaida Members

Coalition forces detain 10 suspects during operations targeting al-Qaeda

Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police detain 12, discover caches, car bomb factory (Salah ad Din)

Coalition forces disrupt senior al-Qaeda operations; 25 killed, 21 detained (Baghdad)

Tip leads to large explosive cache (Baghdad)

Iraqi volunteers find 5 car bombs (Adhamiyah)

Special Groups Leader captured by Coalition forces (Baghdad)

Iraqi citizens, MND-B Soldiers attacked (Baghdad)

Coalition forces detain 26 suspects targeting al-Qaeda networks

UPDATE: Coalition forces positively identify terrorist killed in recent raid (Tarmiyah)

Iraqi Special Forces capture extremist leader in Taji

MND-B Soldiers find cache, capture suspect (Doura)

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detain extremist leaders in Baghdad

Seven extremists captured in night raid (Jisr Diyala)

1-15th Inf. Regt. detains 10, kills one extremist (Al Bawi)

Local children find mortar, Concerned Local Citizens find caches (Hawr Rajab)

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda networks; one killed, 14 detained

Tip leads to 7th cache in 3 weeks for Iraqi Forces

Iraqi National Police capture terrorist suspect (Doura)

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda media networks; six killed, 15 detained

Concerned Local Citizens find and remove IEDs, mortars (Adwaniya)

Coalition, Iraqi Security Forces find cache (Baghdad)

Two caches, suspects seized (Baghdad)

Iraqi Police, Coalition Forces strike enemy west of Samarra

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda network; 16 suspects detained

Soldiers find large cache in Haswa

Iraqi Police, U.S. Special Forces detain 4 extremists in Samarra

Tip from Iraqi volunteers leads to cache, rockets (Baghdad)

Ten suspects detained as Coalition forces target al-Qaeda

Joint operation retakes area from extremists (Jabella)

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, one suspected terrorist wounded, 19 suspects

8th Iraqi Army Division Soldiers, U.S. Special Forces capture extremist in Diwianiyah

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda leadership; two terrorists killed

At least 76 al-Qaeda suspects held in Iraq

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Central Asia:

25 suspected Taliban killed in clashes

Seven Prisoners Rescued from Taliban (2 Taliban killed, 10 captured)

Top pro-Taliban commander among 80 militants killed in Pak (Matiullah)

Pakistan gunships raid militant bunkers: army

Several Taliban killed in Helmand

Pak Army to launch major offensive in Waziristan before Eid

150 Taliban militants, 45 Pak soldiers killed in Waziristan

NATO troops targeting Taliban leadership on eastern front

Pak counterattack kills 41 in Swat

British troops battle Taliban in offensive (Helmand)

Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill Dozens of Taliban Fighters (Uruzgan)

Pak Army helicopters kills 4 suspected militants

British forces to capitalise on Taliban 'split'

Afghan National Police Take Down IED Cell Photo

Leaders discuss Bamyan development, visit Buddhas destroyed by Taliban

Two suspected militants detained

Several militants killed

Foreign fighter facilitator detained

Afghan coalition forces free Taliban prisoners

ANSF kill several dozen

ANSF save Afghans

Despite wounds ANA, ANP fight bravely

Coalition servicemember dies

Six suspected militants detained

Several militants, three civilians killed

ANA save two Coalition soldiers

Five suspected foreign fighter facilitators

ANSF Coalition forces refute false claim

Several Taliban killed in Helmand Province

Several militants killed ten detained during combined force

Several militants killed seven, detained in IED-disruption

6 suspected militants detained in Afghanistan (Wardak)

Israel / Levant:

IDF strike leaves two militants dead in Gaza

Palestinian militants clash in Lebanon camp

The West:

(Liberty 7)

Lawyers in NY terror case say security clearance unconstitutional

Albania reveals list of terrorist suspects

Six Bosnians Arrested In France Recruiting Insurgents For Iraq

Police detain four suspected militants in Chechnya

The Caucasus:

Two arms smugglers detained in Nalchik suburb

Police suspect 10 extremists behind hunters' massacre

Eight Militants Killed In Dagestan (Russia) Police Assault

India / Pakistan:

Hizbul Mujahideen militant arrested in J&K

Top Harkat leader killed in Sopore

Police Claim Arrest of Hizbul Militant

J&K encounters kill 9 HuM militants

Top militant, three associates killed in Kashmir

3 Pakistani militants held in Lucknow

Maldives battles Islamist offensive


Nigerian police arrest Al-Qaeda suspects

Algerian army winning battle against Al-Qaeda: expert

Weapons Siezed in Mogadishu

Al-Qaida's obsessive fixation on the Maghreb

Algeria: Army Kills Terrorist Leader in Tizi Ouzou

Southeast Asia:
Three suspected Islamic militants killed in Philippine capital (Parliament bombers)

Abu Sayyaf strength 'definitely going down,'--military chief

Seven Abu Sayyaf rebels charged with murder

Cops bag former Congressman Salapuddin's ex-aide in clash with Sayyaf


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Today's Roundup

CONCEALING SMOKE - A U.S. Army soldier from the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, conceals himself with smoke after one of his regiment's vehicles was hit by an improvised explosive device in Baghdad, Iraq.
Photo By: U.S. Army Spc. Luke Thornberry

U.S. reports decimating Al Qaida propaganda network (CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC/NYT???)

U.S. operation kills al-Qaida suspects

Turkish Army kills, arrests 11 PKK members

Turkish troops kill 3 Kurdish guerrillas in southeast

Iraq says families returning home as violence ebbs

Photos: Operation Ultra Magnus: Firefight at al Qaeda Safehouse

Suspected extremist caught during Iraqi Police recruitment drive in Doura

Iraqi Security Forces, Coalition Forces kill 14 enemy fighters, detain 44 in northern Iraq

Unit engages al-Qaeda element, kills one (Salman Pak)

Iraqi Army prevents suicide attack near Ghalibiyah

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq networks; three terrorists killed, nine suspects detained

Coalition forces kill three terrorists; find detention facility and weapons cache in Samarra

Iraqi Security Forces and U.S. Special Forces capture seven extremists in Baghdad raid

Iraqi-led operation nets 39 detainees, torture devices (Tikrit)

Coalition forces disrupt foreign terrorist, al-Qaeda networks; eight terrorists killed, 10 suspects

Concerned Local Citizens, children turn in caches

Joint operation uncovers mass grave near Thar Thar

Troops find rockets, detain one (Rashid District)

Five terrorists killed, 30 suspects detained during Coalition operations

Iraqi Army detains 81, discovers large weapons cache (Suwayrah)

Iraqi Police, U.S. Special Operations Forces capture IED bomber in Ramadi

Iraqi Security Forces detain 22 suspected extremists in separate raids

Tip leads to Iraqi Army to two caches, 6 detained (Zafaraniya)

Iraqi Security Forces conduct large independent operation

Caches found, destroyed near Arab Jabour

Rakkasans recover 800 gallons of nitric acid

Tips Lead To Eight Insurgent Suspects (Doura)

Coalition forces find terrorist detention facility, large weapons cache

Concerned Local Citizens find three caches (Hawr Rajab/Arab Jabour)

One killed, eight detained as Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda operations

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda networks; one killed, 23 detained

Concerned Local Citizens find large cache in Hawr Rajab

Soldier dies in non-combat related incident (Tikrit)

Dragon Talon II: Troops detain five suspected extremists (Baghdad)

Iraqi Army detains al-Qaeda-linked terrorists upon Mosque entry (Baghdad)

101st Soldiers put initial boots on ground in Iraq

Large weapons cache located by Concerned Local Citizens (Arab Jabour)

MND-Center patrol hit by IED

Tip leads Iraqi National Police to cache (Baghdad)

Operation Clears al-Qaeda from Former Diyala Province Stronghold

Iraqi Forces arrest 13 Afghan suspects (weird)

US buoyed by fall in Iraqi death attacks

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle (Good Stuff)

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Pak military set for major push against militants

NATO air raid kills dozens of Taliban: Afghan army (Baghdis)

At least 25 Taliban reported killed in Afghanistan (Uruzgan)

Internal Fighting Increases Taliban Violence (interesting)

25 Militants Killed in Southern Afghanistan

Taliban Continue to Crumble, Islamic Republic Continues to Gain

Gulbaddin Hekmatyar and the Hezb-e-Islami Gulbaddin Flee the Sinking Al Qaeda/Taliban Ship

2 arrested in link with deadly Afghan suicide attack

Al Qaeda, Taliban exploited Waziristan pact to regroup (Duuuuuhhh!!!!)

Improvements saving 89,000 Afghan children a year

Captured Taliban explosive handlers identified

ANA saves Afghan Coalition forces lives

Combined forces disrupt militant operations

Coalition forces repel enemy attack

ANSF, Coalition forces repel enemy attack in Oruzgan

Several militants killed seven, detained in IED-disruption

ANSF, Coalition forces nullify Taliban activities in Helmand Province

The West:

Two arrested in dawn raids in Europe-wide swoop

Man gets 30 years in plot to aid al-Qaida terrorists (USA)

Defense opens in "Liberty Seven" trial

Musician in Terror Case Gets 15 Years (NYC)

Turkey confirms arrest of suspected al-Qaida member wanted in Germany

Germany aware of up to 50 suspected militants

Portuguese police monitor dozens of terrorist suspects

'Lyrical Terrorist' Samina Malik guilty

Norwegian court upholds expulsion of Mullah Krekar

Israel / Levant:

Ban Ki-Moon orders probe after rockets fired at Israel from UNRWA school

Has Hamas split?

Saudi Peninsula

Yemeni court sentences 32 al-Qaida suspects into prison

The Caucasus:

Azerbaijan says eight militants captured, including al-Qaida associate

Chechen police station attacker is detained in Dagestan

Militant destroyed in Dagestan's Buinaksk district

Planned attack against cleric, police official thwarted in Dagestan

India / Pakistan:

Six Militants Killed in Kashmir

Two Harkat-ul-Mujahideen militants arrested in Srinagar, Kashmir

Two militants killed in J&K's Baramulla district

Two LeT Militants Killed in Kashmir

Three militants killed in encounte

Two LeT militants shot dead in Jammu and Kashmir

2 OGWs arrested; ammunition recovered in J&K

Two Militants Killed in Kashmir Gunfight

Militants try to storm CRPF camp in Sopore (Kashmir)


Al Qaida agent surrenders in Algeria: 'I felt guilty'

Algerian court sentences ten wanted Islamists to death

"Jihad has failed", former Libyan Islamist tells al-Qaeda

Zawahri claims Libyan group has joined Qaeda (Worked out great for GSPC)

Algeria : Army Fights Off Terrorist Attack In Tizi Ouzou Forests

Southeast Asia:

Philippine troops kill Abu Sayyaf militant wanted for kidnappings

Sayyaf sub-commander killed in Basilan clash

13 suspected insurgents held (Thailand)

Abu Sayyaf leader slain in Basilan (Philippines)

Abu Sayyaf sub-leader shot dead in Basilan (Philippines)

Two more Abu Sayyaf rebels killed in Basilan clash (Philippines)

AFP to double efforts vs Abu Sayyaf to meet 3-month deadline (Philippines)

Hunt continues vs JIs, bandits, MNLF forces in Sulu (Philippines)

Indonesian prosecutors demand 20 years for anti-Christian terror attacks

Indonesia president says Bali bombers must be executed

Suspected insurgents detained during raid in S Thailand


Today's Roundup

U.S. and Afghan doctors team up to treat Afghans in need of medical care in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
Army Dr. (Maj.) Lee J. Trombetta, general surgeon for the 555th Forward Surgical Team, met Dr. Akmal Pardis, director of Jalalabad Public Health Hospital on his first trip here. Together they have come up with a partnership program where local Afghan doctors would work side-by-side with the 555th FST.

Iraqi troops detain 73 suspected insurgents; US finds weapons stash

U.S. provides Turkey 'actionable intelligence' on PKK

US military sees drop in Iranian-made bombs in Iraq

In key Iraqi area, US starts pulling back (Diyala and Salahaddin)

Diyala is #3 on the map.
Salahaddin is #2.

Turkey, Iraq and US together against Kurdish rebels

U.S. forces kill 10 al Qaeda suspects near Baghdad (Suicide bombers)

Islamic State of Iraq leader Jamal Mohammad Abd arrested with 52 others

Iraqi citizen leads Coalition Forces to EFP factory

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist operations; 10 killed, three detained

Apaches destroy anti-aircraft weapon

Joint Operation reduces al Qaeda’s supply base

Concerned Local Citizens patrol with Soldiers, NP in Al Ja’ara

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist operations targeting senior leadership

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, 12 suspects detained

Iskandariyah IPs turn over munitions cache

Iraqi Army detains three in combined operation

Cache found, destroyed

Concerned Local Citizens turn in cache

Coalition Forces discover large cache near Turki village

Task Force Iron Soldiers attacked in Mosul

Report links Syrian intelligence to Iraq insurgents

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Taliban 'fleeing' key area outside Kandahar after failed attack

US Military Reports Death of Top Afghan Rebel Commander

(Story #1) Pakistan militants killed in missile attack near Afghan border (US missile?)

(Story #2) Uzbeks, Arabs among 10 militants killed in missile strike in Waziristan

(Story #3) Pentagon denies hand in Pakistan killings

Al Qaeda's Taliban Troubles (AQ and Taliban breakup?)

Pak army kills 70 Taliban militants in Swat valley

Fifty more Taliban killed in western Afghanistan

Pakistan Issues Ultimatum to Foreign Fighters

Foreign Taleban Rile Helmand Residents (Afghan awakening?)

No forced displacement in Iraq in 3 months

Seven al-Qaeda leaders captured in Diala

Captured Taliban commander positively identified

Militant killed by Afghan forces in Nangarhar Province

The West:

U.S. Rests Case In 'Liberty City 7' Terrorism Conspiracy Trial

Arizona nuclear plant sealed off due to pipe bomb

Israel / Levant:

Eight Palestinians wounded in Rafah, Beit Hanoun

IDF uncovers seven tunnels in Gaza

Hamas member killed in helicopter strike on mortar cell in Gaza

Israelis strike Hamas police station in Rafah

India / Pakistan:

One Hizul rebel killed, three Lashkar guerrillas arrested in Kashmir

Four intruding militants killed

Samjhauta blasts suspect identified

Militant killed, three arrested in J&K

Crackdown against Jihadi outfits continues after Sargodha bus attack


U.S. navy tracking two ships hijacked by Somali pirates

A terrorist arrested in Jijel, Algeria

Southeast Asia:

Abu Sayyaf bandit slain in Basilan, Philippines (Army hunting JI bombers)

Inside the Ring (A nice summary of the battle against Abu Sayyaf and others)

Two more Abu Sayyaf rebels killed in Basilan clash


Today's Roundup

Basra will be the ninth province to revert to Iraqi control. British-led forces already have pulled back from the center of the provincial capital, also known as Basra, to the airport on the edge of the city, 340 miles southeast of Baghdad.
Large map of Iraqi provinces

Iraqi police kill al Qaeda commander of western Iraq (Aide captured)

US: al-Qaida Presence in Baghdad Reduced

Job No. 1 in Northern Iraq: Keep al Qaeda on Ropes

Rock Hammer III disrupts enemy supply network in Baqouba

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detain AQI commander, three others

Coalition forces capture targeted Special Groups member, eleven others detained

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq, three terrorists killed

MND-B Soldiers seize cache in southern Baghdad

Concerned Local Citizens lead Coalition Forces to cache location

MND-C Soldiers attacked

Iraqi Security Forces rescue sheik hostages

Four terrorists killed, 17 suspects detained during Coalition operations

Coalition Forces free hostage from al Qaeda

Iraqi citizens take stand against insurgents; aid National Police to discover cache

Iraqi Army, Security Forces detain members of terrorist kidnapping group

Iraqi Army discovers cache

Local citizens help Iraqi Security Forces seize terrorist weapons cache in Hillah

1-15 Infantry air assault results in six detentions

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist operations, 11 detained

Task Force Iron Soldiers discover significant caches

Coalition Forces discover large weapons caches

Dragon Talon II: Troops find cache, detain three

Iraqi Police EOD commander disarms large VBIED in Qayyarah

Dragon Talon II: Cache, 13 suspected terrorists seized

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist networks, six suspects detained

1-15 Infantry detains 6 suspected insurgents

Coalition forces disrupt foreign terrorist networks; 15 suspects detained

Improvised explosive device cache turned in

Paratroopers discover rocket cache

Concerned Local Citizens help round up suspected extremists

Three Al-Qaeda armed men killed by US forces

US military kills 51 militants dissidents from Al-Sadr militia

Turkish army confirms 15 Kurdish rebels killed near Iraq border

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Central Asia:

Afghans and NATO kill 50 Taliban and surround 200

Dozens of Taliban, four police killed in fighting (Western Afghanistan)

U.S.-led coalition forces kill several militants in eastern Afghanistan

60 Islamist militants killed

Pakistani gunships kill two rebels after truce collapse

Foreign Fighters of Harsher Bent Bolster Taliban (Going to Afghanistan instead of Iraq?)

Forces in Afghanistan Kill, Wound 50 Taliban Insurgents

Several insurgents killed in raid on al-Qaida 'facilitators'

Afghan security agents arrest 3 Taliban trainers from Pakistan

Key tribal leader on verge of deserting Taliban (Mullah Abdul Salaam)

Uzbek court jails 8 suspected Islamists

ANSF, Coalition forces kill several Taliban fighters in Oruzgan Province (Afghanistan)

The West:

Spain fears al-Qaeda's dream of new Al-Andalus

Militants allegedly target U.S. embassy (Azerbaijan)

Al-Qaida attack accused sent to crown court

Spain: Islamic terrorist cell members sentenced

One militant arrested, another turns himself in to police in Chechnya

India / Pakistan:

Top Pakistani Militant Killed in Kashmir Gunfight (Zangi Chacha)

Kashmir Gunfight Claims Two Hizbul Militants

Lashkar-e-Toiba turns smuggler to fund terror (death throes for LeT?)

Hizbul Mujahideen militant surrenders in Kashmir

Southeast Asia:
14 insurgents surrender in Assam

Indonesia considers charging sect leader

14 suspected insurgents rounded up in Narathiwat, Thailand (2 leaders captured)

Five suspected insurgents arrested (Thailand)

Arab Peninsula:
Frozen Assets: US Has Crimped Al Qaeda Funds

US aid for Yemen linked to al-Qaeda suspect

Israel / Levant:

Three Palestinian al Qaeda operatives are intercepted in Sinai on way to suicide bombings in Israel (Debka)

Israeli forces continue incursion in Rafah

Israeli jets shell southern Gaza police post

Israel arrests local Hamas chief in West Bank


Algeria: terror support cell dismantled

At least 17 terrorists, one soldier killed in latest clashes in Algeria

Nigeria: SSS Arrests Suspected Al'Qaeda Members in Kano

Algeria: Millennium Bomb Plot Algerian Suspect Sentenced in Absentia to Life


Today's Roundup

A young Afghan boy waits outside the entry control point of Kabul International Airport, after receiving a toy plane from a group of Air Force members. The toy planes were given out along with soccer equipment to a group of local children from the Kabul Youth Soccer League. The equipment was donated from businessmen and supporters from Tennessee, Georgia and California.
Photo By: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson

Coalition forces capture extremist splinter group leader

US Will Hand Iraqis Control of Karbala (8th of 18 provinces)

Turkish forces clash with rebel Kurds, Kill 15

Media Advisory: Caravan Hotel groundbreaking ceremony

Coalition Forces discover large weapons caches

Dragon Talon II: Troops find cache, detain three

Iraqi Police EOD commander disarms large VBIED in Qayyarah

Dragon Talon II: Cache, 13 suspected terrorists seized

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist networks, six suspects detained

1-15 Infantry detains 6 suspected insurgents

Suicide bomber detonates upon discovery by CLCs

Coalition forces disrupt foreign terrorist networks; 15 suspects detained

Coalition forces capture extremist splinter group leader

Concerned Local Citizens help round up suspected extremists

Paratroopers discover rocket cache

Improvised explosive device cache turned in

Iraqi insurgents' clash with Qaeda kills 16 (Red on red)

5 gunmen arrested inside Shiite mosque north of Hilla

Kidnapped man freed, gang arrested

Two gunmen killed in clashes in Mosul

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Central Asia:

Afghan & Coalition forces kill dozens of Taliban fighters in Helmand Province

Several Taliban insurgents killed in Kandahar Province

Two Taliban commanders, three Pakistanis nabbed

Clashes resume in violence-hit Pakistan valley

10 militants killed in Swat clashes

Suspected jihadists believed NATO rules Afghanistan (interesting)

Militant attack on police station foiled : Time for strong action: govt 9 bodies

The West:

UK to deport 193 Algerian prisoners

Police officers attacked in Dagestan; assailant killed


Algerian terror suspect sentenced to life in prison

Terrorist leader, three Libyans killed in eastern Algeria

Algeria: 15 al Qaeda activists killed

India / Pakistan:

Businessman rescued from militants’ clutches

Two JeM militants killed in J-K encounter

4 Mumbai reconnaissance suspects detained

Arab Peninsula:

Yemen says bomber of U.S. destroyer Cole still detained

Saad Al-Shehri Narrates His Disenchantment With Qaeda

Southeast Asia:
Guerrilla killed in police encounter in Northeast India

More ULFA cadres to surrender

Israel / Levant:

Egypt finds two smugglers' tunnels on Gaza border

IDF troops nab three Iraqi nationals trying to infiltrate into Israel

Abbas signs anti-money laundering decree