Today's Roundup

PATRIOT STRIKE - Army Staff Sgt. Joe Hammond, right front, leads his squad through a gully during Operation Patriot Strike in Ubaydi, Iraq. Hammond is assigned to the the 101st Airborne Division's Company B, 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment.
U.S. Army Sgt. Ben Brody

U.S. Airstrikes Hit 'Qaida Safe Havens'

Al-Qaeda leader caught in W. Mosul

Two al-Qaeda operatives arrested in Diala

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq IED specialists (Hillah)

Citizen tip leads Coalition to cache (Baghdad)

Al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist behind Oct. 11 attacks identified as Mullah Jasim

Air strike engages suspected IED emplacers during Operation Phantom Phoenix (Muqdadiyah)

UAV, Apaches tag team to take out IED emplacers Yusufiyah

Operation Marne Thunderbolt clears al-Qaeda from southeast Baghdad

Iraqi Army finds bomb making facility outside Baghdad (Al Baytara, Abu Ghraib)

MND-North Soldiers kill 4 extremists, destroy HBIED with air strikes (Khan Bani Sa’ad)

Black Lions capture suspected extremist (Baghdad)

Dragons find five caches, detain three (Rashid)

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda leaders in northern Iraq, six detained

Operation Iron Harvest clears al-Qaeda from northern Iraq (Baquba)

Coalition forces positively identify terrorist killed in operation Dec. 25

Air strike destroys AQI safe house, reveals large cache (Busayefi)

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detain extremist cell leader, 3 suspected extremists (Baghdad)

Iraqi Army, Coalition Forces find caches, detain terrorist (Kirkuk)

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq operations; three killed; 28 detained

Coalition forces capture Special Groups leader; detain four suspects (Baghdad)

Treasury Dept. Targets Iraqi Insurgents' Money

General: Anbar ready for handover

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Taliban Tiff Turns Toxic (Dadullah vs Omar)

Pakistan army strikes hideout of pro-Taliban militant leader (Fazlullah)

Al Qaeda suicide cell leader captured in Pakistan

Pakistani Tribesmen raising anti-Al Qaeda Army (great news!)

Tribal chief tells militants to leave

Afghanistan arrests 11 Taliban fighters

Afghanistan: A First Step Toward 'Turning' Moderate Taliban?

18 suspected militants arrested in Swat

The West:

Britain jails would-be Taliban fighter

Sparks fly in Padilla sentencing hearing

Two British residents face extradition hearing over Al Qaida allegations

Couple Linked to Al Qaeda Online Video Threat to Face Trial in Austria

Terror Bloggers Claim Paris Attack Plan

Bosnia begins deportations of foreign fighters

German policeman says Lebanese plotters planned 'bloodbath'

The Caucasus:

Six militants killed in Dagestan, Russia

Wahhabi gunman killed in Dagestan

Israel / Levant:

Six Al-Qaeda suspects held in custody pending trial (Turkey)

Two Palestinians killed in Israeli raid in Gaza

High-ranking Fatah al-Islam member arrested (Lebanon)

India / Pakistan:

A Top Hizbul Militant Surrenders in Kashmir


Tunisia Court Upholds Terror Conviction (ex-Gitmo inmate)

Terror suspect extradited from Spain remains in Moroccan custody

Algeria: Several terrorists killed or wounded in Army’s onslaught in Constantine

Southeast Asia:

Philippines to Charge 15 in Mall Blast

Philippines aims to cut Abu Sayyaf strength by half this year

A shock to the system (Moslem spies in Thai military)

Preparations for (US-Filipino war games called) Balikatan in high gear

Islam in Indonesia - Where “soft Islam” is on the march

Radical Solution to Terrorism (Indonesia)

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