Today's Roundup

David Bathgate / Corbis
Silent Killer: Sources say that U.S. Predator strikes inside Pakistan are on the rise since January talks.

U.S. soldiers capture major al-Qaida player (#4 in Iraq)

Coalition forces in Iraq kill 25 terrorists, detain dozens

Fifteen Qaeda operatives killed in US air raid on Diyala

U.S. military hits al Qaeda propaganda units

Iraqi detainees refusing to go home (prison life is good)

Captured fighters help profile al-Qaida in Iraq

Iraqi Security Forces, advised by U.S. Special Forces, detain six suspected militants in overnight

Al Qaeda leader in Kirkuk, 3 suspects detained

Tip leads Iraqi National Police to large munitions cache

Suspected IED emplacers attacked in vicinity of Samarra

CF kills 1 suspected AQI in Diyala

One terrorist killed, 21 detained in operations against al-Qaeda (Karwi)

An Iraqi Insurgent Tell-All: Al-Qaida Is To Blame For "Killing Sunnis" And "Demolishing Their Homes, Mosques, and Their Hospitals"

Iraqi forces battle rogue Shiite militants

Iraqi Army hands out food in Ninewah province(Al Khuwayt)

MND-B Soldiers capture key criminal suspect, seize weapons cache (Baghdad)

Coalition forces detain eight, disrupt al-Qaeda Network

ISF, advised by U.S. Special Forces, detain 10 in overnight operations

Iraqi Police detain key criminal suspect (Musayyib)

Coalition forces destroy terrorist mortar team (West Rashid)

Iraqi Army, U.S. Special Forces detain two suspected insurgents in Al Qayyarah

Iraqi Security Forces, advised by U.S. Special Forces, detain three suspected insurgents in overnigh

Baquba Iraqi Special Weapons and Tactics unit, U.S. Special Forces detain 25 suspects

ISF detain 10 in overnight operations (Iskandariyah)

Iraqi Army, U.S. Special Forces recover large weapons cache (Hawijah)

‘Tuskers’ detain five suspected terrorists (Baghdad)

Joint Statement on the Approval of the Provincial Powers Law (Democrats weep)

Coalition target roadside bombers, seven terrorists killed

Joint operations in Mosul detain 16

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Kidney Doctor was Killed in Last Week's Missile Attack (UBL's Doc?)

ANSF destroy insurgent route in Zabul

With a Quiet Blessing, U.S. Attacks on Al Qaeda Spike (Predator comes calling)

Real life hero: A Soldiers Silver Star story (Female medic)

Five Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan
Special Forces have Afghan drug lords in sights

Coalition forces disrupt insurgent activities
Battle leaves 4 Taliban dead in Afghanistan

'80 Taliban had surrounded me, I had to keep on firing' (read this one!)

ANSF destroy IED, suicide vest factory in Zabul

Militant IED operations degraded in Khowst

US-Afghan forces kill insurgents in Uruzgan

The West:

Terrorists who crossed the US-Mexico border

Seven in French custody for suspected ties with radical Islamists

France: Insurgency Recruitment Trial Begins

PKK Terrorist Arrested In Belgium

Bosnia police arrest five terrorism suspects

The Caucasus:

Clash with militants in Chechnya kills nine (3 terrorists)

Israel / Levant:

Islamic militants clash with Fatah guerrillas in Lebanon (red on red)

Israeli Army arrests six Palestinian youth near Nablus

Israeli troops kill Palestinian on Gaza border

Conspirators of foiled 2004 railway attack given lengthy jail terms

India / Pakistan / Central Asia:

Hizb militant killed in Bandipora

Hizb commander killed in Ajas

Two ultras, three OGWs arrested

China’s mid-air terror trail leads to Pakistan

Rebel leader, army officer killed in Kashmir clash

Hizb Loses Exolosives Expert

Police in Islamabad arrests over 75 suspects after reports of suicide bombers

Top Lashkar Commander Killed (3 cops too)

Saudi Peninsula

Five Suspected Militants Arrested After Failed U.S. Embassy Attack in Yemen


Austria refuses to pay al-Qaeda ransom for tourists kidnapped in Tunisia
US Designates Somali Group Terrorists

Mosque killings reveal violent conflict within Algerian extremism

Algeria :bombers of Djanet airport to surrender

Algeria :Troops of the National popular Army kill 6 Al Qaeda terrorists in Tizi Ouzou province

Southeast Asia:

Suspected Abu Sayyaf rebel killed in S Philippines
Two militants killed in Assam gunbattles (India)

Singapore says detains Jemaah Islamiyah member