Today's Roundup

LIVE FIRE TRAINING IN KUWAIT - U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Tyler Carroll fires an AT-4 during live-fire training, at the Udairi Range Complex in Kuwait. Marines of Company C, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, from Camp Pendleton, Calif., are training as part of their current deployment to the Pacific and Arabian Gulf.
U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Bryson K. Jones

U.S. to Expand Outposts Across Baghdad by 30%

Iraqi, US Troops to Join Forces in Fighting Insurgents in Mosul

Aide of anti-U.S. Shiite cleric shot dead in Najaf

Iraqi and U.S. Special Operations Forces Detain Terrorist Leader

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces Detain Terrorist Facilitator

Iraqi forces detain Ansar al-Sunnah militants

Iraqi, US troops detain 24 suspected terrorists

Mosul to be "cleansed" of al Qaeda

Soldiers arrest eight alleged Sunni extremists (Baghdad)

Coalition Forces capture high-value individual (Baghdad)

Coalition disrupts al-Qaeda networks; four terrorists killed, 18 detained

TF-Rogue troops capture AQI cell member as part of Phantom Phoenix

Coalition forces detain four suspected criminals (Baghdad)

Coalition Forces detain one extremist following a rocket attack (Baghdad)

VBIED discovered, two detained (Arab Jabour)

CLCs contribute to finding enemy weapons (Arab Jabour)

Operation Iron Boston targets al-Qaeda hideout (Sa'id Abdullah)

CLC turns in weapons cache (Baghdad)

Iraqi, U.S. Security Forces detain an extremist leader & a terrorist financier in separate operations

Scouts recover weapons cache in Narwhan

RCT-1 takes command in Al Anbar

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda in Iraq networks, 18 suspects detained

Soldiers find two caches in Doura

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda in central Iraq; 18 suspects detained

Anti-Coalition forces operative captured; criminal networks disrupted (Baghdad)

Sixteen IEDs, cache turned in by CLCs

CLCs contribute to finding enemy weapons

MND Soldiers, Iraqi Police conduct combined operation with CLCs in support of Operation Phantom Phoenix

Iraqi civilians lead troops to explosives cache (Ramadi)

Abu Ajeel’s Iraqi Police come back strong (Tikrit)

MND-North Soldiers uncover large caches west of Bayji

Three terrorists killed, two detained during operations targeting al-Qaeda (Tigris River Valley)

CLC provides tip to cache, roadside bomb (Baghdad)

Iraqi citizens’ tips lead Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces to 2 weapons caches (al Kut)

Extremist sniper walks into Coalition hands (Baghdad)

Mystery of the WMDs (Laurie Mylroie )

Turkish warplanes 'resume airstrikes' (against PKK)

The Caucasus / Central Asia:

Kyrgyz authorities arrest alleged member of al-Qaida linked regional Islamic group (related to IMU chief Qari Yuldashev?)

Russia launches anti-terrorist operation in Ingushetia

Kyrgyzstan Probing Radioactive Cargo Bound for Iran

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

12 militants killed in North Waziristan missile strike (Arab speakers)

7 Arabs among missile victims (+5 central Asians)

CIA kills top al Qaeda terrorist in Pakistan (al-Libi)

Arab, Asian al Qaeda operatives reported killed in North Waziristan raid (al-Masri also killed?)

Afghanistan's 12 Most Wanted (al-Libi is on the list)

Qaeda-linked militant killed in fresh Pakistan violence (Qasim Toori )

Key militant captured, not killed in Pakistan: minister (Update on Toori)

Poll terror plot is foiled (Toori is talking)

Mullah Omar sacks Baitullah for fighting against Pak Army (more Taliban infighting)

Afghani Villagers Help Forces Rid Areas of Insurgent Weapons

'Explosion in Pak. kills 3 suspected suicide bombers' (work accident)

Pakistani forces recapture tunnel

Troops resume targeting militant positions in South Waziristan

Afghans eye taking combat lead against Taliban

8 Taliban killed in clash with police in southern Afghanistan

Australian soldiers take out Taliban targets

How Al Qaeda Lost Pakistan (nice breakdown of the Pak situation)

Taliban 'resurgence' sign of desperation not increased capability (Read this one!)

Wazir tribesmen wary of Uzbek militants’ return (more Taliban infighting)

18 Orakzai tribes form Lashkar (Army) against Taliban (nice!)

U.S. aims to turn hostile Pakistani tribes friendly

US intelligence agents 'uncover Bin Laden letters'

Five ‘Taliban’ arrested in Zhob

The West:

Tampa Firm Removes Jihadi Web Site (Good job)

Madrid train bombs suspect held

British man charged with two terrorism offenses

(Canada) Algerian-born terror suspect arrested in shower (boo-hoo)

Al Qaida 'data at plot man's house' (Britain)

9/11 accused loses final bid for freedom (Britain)

Israel / Levant:

Lebanese army prevailed against al Qaeda (Must read story!)

6 more detained in Turkey’s Qaeda crackdown

Two militants killed in northern Gaza

Israeli soldiers kill armed man in Gaza

Palestinians with explosive belts arrested in Taba (border with Israel)

Egypt arrests militants from Gaza

India / Pakistan:

Supreme commander of Harkat-ul-Jihadi Islamia is killed

Four militants killed in Kashmir

Woman detained for links with LeT

Militant hideouts busted in Jammu and Kashmir

Saudi Peninsula

New Saudi prison system aims to rehabilitate Al Qaida inmates

Soft jihadi approach in Yemen scrutinized


Racing against Al Qaida in Mauritania

Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb's dilemma (More terrorist infighting)

Algeria: security forces distribute 29 suicide bombers’ photos

Al-Zawahiri Was a Sudanese Agent

Algerian security forces kill five terrorists

Algeria: Group behind UN bomb dismantled

AFRICOM staff to grow to 1,300 as it takes over military activities

Southeast Asia:

JI forces weaken: military chief (Philippines)

Marines sent to secure Tawi-Tawi island town (Philippines)

Abu Sayyaf officer linked to Father Roda murder slain in clash

Bali bomb suspect gives Philippine army the slip again

Seven militants jailed for life over bomb campaign (Bangladesh)

Indian Army officer, 2 militants killed in Assam

Village sweep kills two southern militants (Thailand)

8 suspected insurgents arrested in Narathiwat (Thailand)

12 suspected insurgents rounded up in Narathiwat (Thailand)

FBI chief lauds Cambodia for its role in 'war on terror'