Today's Roundup

A young Afghan boy waits outside the entry control point of Kabul International Airport, after receiving a toy plane from a group of Air Force members. The toy planes were given out along with soccer equipment to a group of local children from the Kabul Youth Soccer League. The equipment was donated from businessmen and supporters from Tennessee, Georgia and California.
Photo By: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson

Coalition forces capture extremist splinter group leader

US Will Hand Iraqis Control of Karbala (8th of 18 provinces)

Turkish forces clash with rebel Kurds, Kill 15

Media Advisory: Caravan Hotel groundbreaking ceremony

Coalition Forces discover large weapons caches

Dragon Talon II: Troops find cache, detain three

Iraqi Police EOD commander disarms large VBIED in Qayyarah

Dragon Talon II: Cache, 13 suspected terrorists seized

Coalition forces disrupt terrorist networks, six suspects detained

1-15 Infantry detains 6 suspected insurgents

Suicide bomber detonates upon discovery by CLCs

Coalition forces disrupt foreign terrorist networks; 15 suspects detained

Coalition forces capture extremist splinter group leader

Concerned Local Citizens help round up suspected extremists

Paratroopers discover rocket cache

Improvised explosive device cache turned in

Iraqi insurgents' clash with Qaeda kills 16 (Red on red)

5 gunmen arrested inside Shiite mosque north of Hilla

Kidnapped man freed, gang arrested

Two gunmen killed in clashes in Mosul

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Central Asia:

Afghan & Coalition forces kill dozens of Taliban fighters in Helmand Province

Several Taliban insurgents killed in Kandahar Province

Two Taliban commanders, three Pakistanis nabbed

Clashes resume in violence-hit Pakistan valley

10 militants killed in Swat clashes

Suspected jihadists believed NATO rules Afghanistan (interesting)

Militant attack on police station foiled : Time for strong action: govt 9 bodies

The West:

UK to deport 193 Algerian prisoners

Police officers attacked in Dagestan; assailant killed


Algerian terror suspect sentenced to life in prison

Terrorist leader, three Libyans killed in eastern Algeria

Algeria: 15 al Qaeda activists killed

India / Pakistan:

Businessman rescued from militants’ clutches

Two JeM militants killed in J-K encounter

4 Mumbai reconnaissance suspects detained

Arab Peninsula:

Yemen says bomber of U.S. destroyer Cole still detained

Saad Al-Shehri Narrates His Disenchantment With Qaeda

Southeast Asia:
Guerrilla killed in police encounter in Northeast India

More ULFA cadres to surrender

Israel / Levant:

Egypt finds two smugglers' tunnels on Gaza border

IDF troops nab three Iraqi nationals trying to infiltrate into Israel

Abbas signs anti-money laundering decree


Today's Roundup

U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the 3rd Platoon, Hotel Company, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment patrol the streets in the East Rashid district of Baghdad, Iraq.
U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Andrew M. Rodier

AQ reveals signs of weakness ('Al Qaeda is simply gone in some areas')

Basra police detain 267 foreign 'criminals'

US Army kills, arrests 38 al-Qaeda-inspired militants

Nine militants, anti-aircraft gun captured

Dragon Talon II: Troops detain seven terrorist suspects

Coalition forces disrupt foreign terrorist networks; one killed, nine detained

Six terrorists killed, 22 detained during Coalition force operations

Media Advisory: MND-N Transfer of Authority in Tikrit

Citizen’s tip leads to Iraqi National Police discovery of 52 rockets

Coalition forces degrade al-Qaeda in Iraq network; 3 terrorists killed, 11 detained

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain two terrorist leaders

Southeast Asia:

Troops arrest 3 Abu Sayyaf suspects in Sulu (Philippines)

Villagers denounce militants in Narathiwat Thailand

2 Tangail JMB militants get 10-year rigorous imprisonment (Bangladesh)

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Pakistani forces launch offensive against militants in Sawat valley

Fighting Escalates Near Stronghold of Pakistani Cleric (Maulana Fazlullah)

Coalition Forces Drive Insurgents from Konar

Afghan National Police Discover IED Near District Center

Three suspected militants detained in Wardak Province

ANP repel Taliban attack on checkpoint

Afghanistan militants are killed in clash with US forces

ISAF forces launch Operation Spin Ghar

10 Taliban killed in SE Afghanistan

The West:

Judgment day looms for ‘bomb gang’ that divided the nation (Spain)

Three Suspects Linked To Russian Taxi Explosion Arrested (Russia)

Militant killed in sweep in Dagestan's Khasavyurt district

Jury sees 'terror training' video (UK)

Israel / Levant:

Israeli troops raid Gaza, kill 6 militants

Second airstrike in Gaza City kills two militants

Report: Syrian Intelligence Linked to al Qaeda in Lebanon

Two Al-Quds Brigades activits killed by Israeli fire

India / Pakistan:

Lashkar-e-Toiba operative arrested in connection with Ajmer shrine blast

Saudi Peninsula

US Criticizes Yemen on Terrorism (Released USS Cole bomber)


Mauritania nabs Al-Qaeda suspect

The New Battle of Algiers

Algeria: 9 terrorists killed, one wounded, six arrested

Life sentence sought for Algerian terror suspect


Today's Roundup

STANDING GUARD - U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Joe Parson, of the 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, stands guard outside the al Zuhor Orphanage in the Adhamiya neighborhood of Baghdad.
Photo By: U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Curt Cashour


Bin Laden disappointed by Iraq insurgents

An Iraqi Parade Against al-Qaeda

Kurdish militants reportedly open to cease-fire

Cutting a Deal with Mahdi Militants

Turkish planes bomb Iraq village, no major incursion

US raids kill 49 in Baghdad

Air weapons team destroys explosives

Attack aviation crews engage roadside bombers

Coalition Forces attacked

Tip from Concerned Iraqi Citizen leads to large EFP,

Dragon Talon II: MND-B troops find two caches, detain

Coalition operations continue to degrade al-Qaeda in Iraq network

Paratroopers detain two

Concerned Local Citizens find IEDs

Coalition forces disrupt Baghdad car-bombing network; three detained

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda networks; one terrorist killed, 28 detained

MND-C Soldiers get help from local residents in locating caches

Large cache found during clearing operations

Attack aviation crews engage extremists placing roadside bomb

Iraqi security volunteers find large cache near Manajid Al Hamad

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda networks; one terrorist killed, 10 detained

Concerned Local Citizens turn in three IEDs

Tip leads to cache in western Baghdad

Bombing targets headquarters of anti-terrorist group in Adhamiyah

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detain two suspected terrorist operatives, kill one (Baghdad)

Paratroopers detain suspected IED emplacers

Cache used to make IEDs destroyed

UPDATE: Coalition forces target Special Groups leader, 49 criminals killed

Coalition forces capture four wanted terrorists, detain 11 suspects

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Pakistani Tribe raises volunteer force to expel foreigners

Militant killed in botched Pakistan bomb blast (oops!)

Afghan Battles Kill 20 Taliban

More than 50 'Taliban militants' killed

Four suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists arrested

12 Taliban killed in Afghanistan

5 ‘militants’ arrested in Zhob

Extremists losing Pakistanis' support

Pak. sends 4,000 troops to NWFP to counter pro-Taliban cleric

Three militants killed, 2 arrested in Dera Bugti

Four suspected Qaeda terrorists held in Mardan

Several militants killed, two detained by Coalition forces in Wardak Province

Several militants, one child killed, four children wounded in Zabul Province

Coalition Forces detain five militants in Kandahar Province

Two militants killed in fire fight with Coalition forces

ANSF, Coalition forces defeat insurgents for second time in 2 days

ANSF, Coalition forces disrupt terrorist actions

Afghan National Security Forces Capture IED Emplacer

The West:

6 arrested in French investigation of alleged Iraq recruitment network

Spanish Judge Indicts 22 for Terror Recruiting

Eight years' jail for Scottish Muslim

Two militants killed in Chechnya's Urus-Martan district

Two suspects detained in Ingushetia over Nevsky Express train bombing (Russia)

Terror suspect Mohamed Elzahabi is denied new trial

Egyptian Student Pleads Not Guilty to Bomb Charge (Goose Creek)

Italy: North Africans found guilty of terrorist links

Israel / Levant:

Three Palestinian militants killed in IDF operations

Three Hamas militants wounded in Gaza (Ran over a roadside bomb)

Palestinian fighter dies in "special mission" (pizza run?)

Israel plans to cut power to Gaza

Egypt seizes 500 kg of explosives in Sinai cave

Prominent Palestinian militant killed in Israeli air strike

Two Palestinians killed in internal fighting

India / Pakistan:

Two Hizbul militants arrested with hawala money in J&K

2 Jaish militants killed in encounter in J&K

Basha, 30 others get life term in Coimbatore blasts case

Saudi Peninsula

Trial of Al Qaeda suspects opens in Bahrain


Mauritania Court Charges 3 With Terror

Key al-Qaeda leader meeting fails (Algeria)

GSPC and al-Qaeda may not have united after all

Former Guantanamo detainee convicted at home in Tunisia

Southeast Asia:

Six suspected insurgents rounded up in Narathiwat (Thailand)

Philippine forces capture Abu Sayyaf militant suspected of beheading marines

Philippine government, Muslim rebels break impasse in peace talks


Today's Roundup

Paratroopers from the 782nd Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division watch as Combat Delivery System bundles carrying food and water float to the ground in Paktika province, Afghanistan.
U.S. Army photo by Spc. Micah E. Clare

U.S. Soldiers Capture Alleged Extremist Cell Leader

Militia in Iskandariyah targeted, leaders captured

Iraqi Security Forces, USSOF detain EJK Leader, IED facilitators

Iraqi and Coalition Forces Detain Provincial Official With Terrorist Ties

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, USSF detain extremist Brigade Commander

Iraqi Forces, U.S. Special Forces Raids Nets Two Terrorist Leaders, One Other

Coalition forces target Special Groups member, kill 6 criminals

Raids result in capture of suspected Al Qaeda leaders (Baghdad)

Coalition forces capture two wanted terrorists, detain nine suspects

Concerned Local Citizens round up caches, improve security (Al Arafia)

Coalition forces positively identify terrorist killed in recent raid

Coalition forces deter weapons smugglers, insurgents

2 Iraqis suspected of aiding insurgents held

Polish helicopters engage extremists in Ad Diwaniyah

Infantry company captures al-Qaeda cell members, clears buildings

MND-B Soldiers capture alleged extremist cell leader (Taji)

US forces in Iraq find 19 tons of explosives

US, Iraqi forces detain militia fighters

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Al-Qaeda 'behind Bhutto attack'

Combined forces kill nearly 3 dozens Taliban insurgents in S Afghanistan

Afghan troops arrest 9 suspected militants

Waziristan to be pacified ‘once and for all’

Coalition forces battle militants near Taliban-controlled town

Coalition forces kill over a dozen Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

Four suspected militants detained in Zabul Province

Suspected militant detained in Zabul Province

Coalition forces detain five suspected militants in Paktika Province

Targeting Taliban commander Siraj Haqqani

The West:

2 GOP Lawmakers Allege Democrats Have Ties to Terrorism

FBI works to bolster Al Qaeda cases (KSM et al)

US Army officer in Iraq gets two year jail term

Three gunmen detained in Astrakhan Region (Russia)

Israel / Levant:

Israel detains five Palestinian militants in West Bank

Fighting still on in Gaza (Fatah vs Hamas)

Israeli forces kill Islamic Jihad activist

India / Pakistan:

Militants forcibly recruiting teens (So much for the WoT as a recrutiment tool)

Two Harkat-ul-Muzahideen militants killed in J&K

3 killed, hideouts busted and 2 arrested in J K

Cop, militant killed

Saudi Peninsula

Top Yemen Al-Qaida suspect turns himself in (Cole bomber)


Algeria Declares Electronic War on Al-Qaeda

Five Mauritanians involved in Algeria bombs arrested

Algeria: four terrorists killed, two soldiers wounded

GSPC founder goes on trial on November 4

Two Somali Militants Killed in Clash with Police

Southeast Asia:

Abu Sayyaf no longer a threat, says Army (Philippines)

Police foil bomb attack in Tacurong City, Philippines (Jemmah Islamiyah)

Senior Muslim rebel, relative killed in ambush in southern Philippines (red on red)


Today's Roundup

Afghanistan National Army Commando cadets perform an exercise assault mission on a building at Camp Moorehead, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. The exercise was part of their training before graduating the Commando course. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Michael Carter)

Iraqi Army captures al-Qaeda leader, his aide

How Small Raids Net Big Gains

Gasps from al Qaeda (Excellent article)

Concerned Local Citizens Vastly Improve Security in Iraq’s Diyala Province (Peace amongst 25 tribes)

15 civilians killed with 19 militants in Iraq raid

Was Iraq's Defense Minister Working for the US? (Story #1)

Was Iraq's Defense Minister Working for the US? (Story #2)

Shiites grow disillusioned with militia in Baghdad (Mahdi Army)

Sunni clan joins fight against al-Qaida, remains critical of U.S. in Iraq

U.S. reports record number of tips from Sunnis in Baghdad

Concerned Citizens discover cache

Iraqis willing to hand over wanted detainees to S.A.

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Foreigners Among Rebels Killed Near Afghan Line, Pakistan Says

Afghan citizens continue to rid their villages of munitions caches

Coalition forces battle enemy fighters in Zabul Province

Afghan civilians help thwart IED attacks in Shkin Village

Gunman plotting Eid attack killed in Afghanistan

The West:

Scotland: Lockerbie bomber in new appeal

Jailed '93 WTC bomber claims he's now a Christian (Ramzi Yousef)

Terror Jury Hears Al-Qaida Oaths

Terrorist suspects, drugs seized at ports

59 Suspects Go on Trial in Nalchik (Russia)

India / Pakistan:

1 kg uranium seized from Bengal bus

Terrorist held by Mumbai police

Two soldiers, five militants killed in Kashmir

Two Pakistan-based suicide attackers killed in Kashmir

Saudi Peninsula

Seven years since USS Cole bombing

Southeast Asia:

Asia Making Progress in Terror Fight

Suspected insurgent killed in Narathiwat firefight (Thailand)

Bali bombing victims remembered (5 years ago today)


Today's Roundup

GREETINGS — U.S. Marine Cpl. Julia Venegas, attached to 2nd Marine Logistics Group, shakes hands with a little girl while on a security patrol in Kabani, Iraq, Sept. 28, 2007. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Robert S. Morgan

Head of militant group detained in Iraq

Iraqi forces arrest 11 militants in Karbala

Iraqi officer arrested for aiding in assassination

'Al-Doura slayer' in hands of Iraqi Army -- spokesman

Sunni, Shia broker deal in Muqdadiya

U.S. military kills 52 suspects in scores of operations over a week

Video available: Operation nets 10, destroys two boobytrapped houses

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders

Concerned citizens detain insurgents

Multiple caches in western Nineveh

Sunnis, Shias put differences aside for peace

Update: Killed terrorists responsible for Imam’s assassination are positively identified

Iraqi Forces, U.S. Special Forces detained 11 suspected

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda operations in the Diyala River Valley

Operation nets 10, destroys two booby-trapped houses

Iraqi Army captures four suspected insurgents

Coalition forces kill six terrorists attempting to emplace an IED (with video)

Coalition forces kill nine terrorists; detain 21 suspects

Cache destroyed, suspects detained

Improvised explosive device-making cache destroyed

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Operations Forces detain six in northern Iraq

MND-B forces bomb terrorist ambush sites, indirect fire points in East Rashid

Iraqi Forces, U.S. Special Operations Forces dismantle terrorist cells, kill one insurgent

Coalition forces target Special Groups member; five killed, three detained

ISF, USSOF destroy explosive production facility; kill five following suicide-vest attack

Concerned Citizens and Soldiers discover, destroy caches

Operation Eagle Shiloh III results in detention of 17 suspected terrorists

Coalition Forces detain three suspected special group terrorists

Coalition forces kill one terrorist, detain nine suspects

Mosul tips lead to cache

Soldiers in eastern Baghdad capture 3 insurgents, discover and destroy deadly EFPs

Coalition airpower supports ground forces

Operation nets six with ties to criminal militia activities

Iraqi security volunteers uncover cache near Hor Al Bosh

Coalition forces engaged terrorists near Baqubah

Six terrorists killed, 18 suspects detained in Coalition forces operations

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain extremist company commander

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Central Asia:

Fierce fighting in Pakistan's Waziristan; 68 killed

15 more killed in N Waziristan air attacks

Pakistani Military Hits Militant Hide-outs At Afghan Border

8 Taliban Killed in Afghan Clashes

14 Taliban dead in Afghan battles

Pakistan Army: 150 militants dead

What sparked the deadly clashes in tribal Pakistan

Report: Taliban Preparing an "End of Ramadan" Offensive (How's that working out for ya Omar?)

16 Militants Killed in Airstrike

Suspected militants detained in Paktia Province

Large ammunition cache recovered in Zabul Province

Afghan civilians help thwart IED attacks in Shkin Village

Coalition forces battle enemy fighters in Zabul Province

The West:

Liberty City Seven leader is on video discussing targets

Feds Seek Life Sentence For Contempt in Hamas Case

Terror suspect loses bid for bail (Canada)

Bloggers target al-Qaida Web sites

Mullah Krekar linked to pro al-Qaida sites

Russia says special forces kill 2 rebels in south

Group of arms smugglers busted in Dagestan (Russia)

Azerbaijan Launches Manhunt For Terror Suspect

Southeast Asia:

Abu Sayyaf member killed in Sulu clash

Abu leader among slain bandits in recent Basilan clash (Abdurajak Sadikal)

Bombing Kills Two Girls In Philippines, Police Nab Suspect

2 police injured, insurgent killed in southern Thailand

18 RKK suspects held in southern Thailand

Five suspected insurgents killed in gunfight (Thailand)


Algeria: ''real'' leader of Al-Qaeda killed, suicide attack foiled

Death of al-Qaida in North Africa leader shows success in Algerian anti-terror crackdown

29 killed in anti-terrorist sweep in Algeria

Israel / Levant:

Israeli forces execute incursion into Gaza's Breij, Maghazi camps

U.S. increases security aid to Lebanon's following defeat of Al Qaida

Turkey starts fall offensive against PKK

Three Kurdish rebels killed in southeast Turkey (PKK)

Qaeda on the run (AQ 'Theologian' killed in Syria)

Lebanon arrests 30 militants who allegedly plotted to attack ambassadors

Egypt detains 3 Islamists for allegedly plotting to bomb pro-democracy center

Israeli Special Forces kill Palestinian, wounds another in Nablus

Isolated Hamas hints at relinquishing Gaza

Israel arrests Hamas leader in West Bank

India / Pakistan / South Asia:

Ten killed as Indian Army chief begins Kashmir visit

LeT Commander Bilal's successor killed in encounter (rolling 'em up)

19 Militants, 4 Indian Soldiers Killed on Kashmir Frontiers

ULFA militant killed in Assam

Three militants killed in J&K

'Militants' arrested in Maldives (Male bomb attackers)

Seven militants killed

Top Jamiatul Mujahideen militant killed

Seven arrested for links to Jaish-e-Mohammad

5 NLFT insurgents surrender

Two Hizb Commanders Killed

Saudi Peninsula

US Treasury cites 3 Saudis over aid to Abu Sayyaf

Tracking Yemen's 23 Escaped Jihadi Operatives – Part 1

Tracking Yemen's 23 Escaped Jihadi Operatives – Part 2


Today's Roundup

RIDGE PATROL - U.S. Marines from 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment patrol from Expeditionary Patrol Base Dulab to a ridge along the outskirts of Dulab, Iraq. Photo By: U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Shane S. Keller

Coalition forces target Special Groups member, kill 25 terrorists (Iranian Military)

U.S. military says kills 37 Iraqi militants (More about the Iranians)

Iraqi groups help secure triangle of death

Iraqi security forces arrest three Al-Qaeda operatives

Split between al-Qaida, Iraqis worsens (good news)

Iraqi Army soldiers discover cache after following wounded fighter

Concerned Citizens lead to cache discovery

Iraqi Army, Coalition Forces and Concerned Citizens partner to detain eight insurgents

Iraqi Security Forces kill foreign fighter near Salman Pak

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators: 12 killed, four detained

4th Iraqi Army Division accomplishes independent assault (hostages rescued)

Ground, helicopters team to kill 3 extremists during raid

U.S. pulls plug on 6 al-Qaeda media outlets

Five Iranians detained in Iraq should not be released: US general

Gunman killed, 12 arrested in Falluja

Explosives depot found in western Mosul

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Tribesmen foil militants’ bid to blow up bridge in Jandola

Canada claims victory in latest Afghan offensive

3rd Special Forces Group Soldiers recognized for valor in Afghanistan

Militants, civilians killed in Afghan clash; NATO soldier dies

US court sentences Taliban-linked heroin kingpin to more than 15 years in prison

The West:

No bail for San Jose man charged with aiding terror plot

Bosnia: Foiled attack on US embassy linked to Islamists (Shocking!)

Informant: Suspect Wanted al-Qaida Help (Liberty City 7)

Man sentenced in terrorist hoax

Technology Would Help Detect Terrorists Before They Strike

Men deny plot to kill UK soldier

British teenager in court for bomb plot

Three in court over failed car bombings (London & Glasgow)

Israel / Levant:

Lebanon issues arrest warrant for Fatah al-Islam leader

Fatah, Hamas arrest supporters of each other

Lebanese Presidential Candidate: No place for Hezbollah “mini-state” in Lebanon

Turkey arrests 30 suspects in Diyarbakr (PKK)

India / Pakistan:

Hyderabad blast plot unravelled

Police hunts for suicide bombers in Hyderabad

Pak-based top LeT commander killed in encounter in J&K

Another Lashkar Commander Killed in Kashmir Gunfight


Algeria confirms GSPC guerrilla chief has surrendered

Algerian military kills 22 militamts; arrests one

Somalia: Widespread security crackdown in Mogadishu

Southeast Asia:

US troops helping in Basilan operation

Soldiers foil new bomb attack in southern Philippines