Today's Roundup

In a scene all too familiar to US Servicemen past and present, a UH-60 MEDEVAC Helicopter, always call signed Dust-off, evacuates US Army Paratroopers and Afghan Army soldiers who were ambushed near Forward Operating Base Bella in November.

Soldiers Find Front Line at Iraq House

Iraqi Forces arrest hundreds of Saudi Al Qaeda suspects (includes Saudi most wanted)

New group of Sunni leaders is gaining power

U.S. bombs Al Qaida safe havens, tracks down cash-starved operatives fleeing North, South

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Forces Detain Terrorist Cell Leader

U.S. says 60 killed in offensive against al Qaeda in Iraq

Coalition forces disrupt foreign terrorist facilitation networks, eight detained

Large cache, underground bunker system discovered during Operation Phantom Phoenix

Iraqi National Police foil kidnapping

Operation Phantom Phoenix: Pursuit of al–Qaeda continues

CLCs, ‘Strike’ troops locate caches, mortar rounds

CF, IA work together to clear out al-Qaeda in Iraq

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces uncover weapons cache

Coalition forces disrupt criminal element networks, armed man killed

Coalition forces targets foreign terrorists, propaganda and IED cells; 13 detained

Tips lead to destruction of booby-trapped houses during Operation Phantom Phoenix

Paratroopers discover rockets thanks to tip

Local Iraqi discovers explosive formed penetrator at major intersection

Coalition forces find prison facility, weapons caches in Diyala; 15 detained

Iraqi Soldiers find weapons cache in Saydiyah during Operation Phantom Phoenix

Coalition forces targets al-Qaeda networks in Baghdad, Mosul; 15 detained

Coalition targets al-Qaeda leadership, media networks; two killed, 11 detained

Coalition forces capture Special Groups facilitator, disrupt criminal networks

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces Detain IED Specialists in Hillah and Balad

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

3 Taliban killed in clash with Afghan police

23 Pro-Taliban Militants Killed Near Afghan Border

Troops arrest 4 most-wanted militants

Massive crackdown in South Waziristan 50 militants killed in two days

Top Taliban leader killed in Pakistan (Iranian source)

Two Uzbek fighters killed in Waziristan (local tribes fight back)

ANA deliver infant saving mother, child

The West:

Al Qaeda Is Building a White Army of Terror

Ex-Leaders of Islamic Charity Are Convicted

Spain, France reach accord on fighting terrorism

Serbia: Trial begins for 15 Wahabi terrorism suspects

Southeast Asia:

Indonesia's success: using terrorists to fight terrorism

Army to beef-up combatants to slam insurgents (Philippines)

The Caucasus:

Three militants killed in special operation in Makhachkala

Troops kill four militants in grenade attack

Russia puts Beslan activists on trial

Russia forces kill 6 rebels in Dagestan

Police kill two rebels in Dagestan

Israel / Levant:

Egyptian cell plotted Israel attack (14 arrested)

Syrian-Born Qaida Member Arrested in Beirut

Lebanese Army detains Fatah al-Islam member

Israeli airstrike kills 3 Gaza militants

Police arrest five suspected of planning terrorist attacks

India / Pakistan:

Two LET militants killed

3 OGWs arrested

Fugitive Lashkar suspect arrested


Plot to kill Queen Elizabeth foiled (Uganda)

Mauritanians Arrested in Tourist Deaths

Al Qaeda suspects extradited to Mauritania

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