Today's Roundup

ON PATROL TO OMAR - A U.S. Army paratrooper assigned to 503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 2nd Battalion, walks next to a creek during a patrol to Omar in the Kunar province of Afghanistan.
U.S. Army Sgt. Brandon Aird

General Says al-Qaida on the Run in Iraq (AQ: 130 KIA, 370EPW including 40 HVT)

Iraq Targets the Mahdi Army (Finally)

Marines launch rescue effort to save Hadithah girl

MND-B Soldiers detain suspected extremist cell leader (Baghdad)

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain suspected terrorists in separate raids (Balad)

Coalition targets al-Qaeda in Iraq networks; five killed, 16 detained

Coalition disrupts al-Qaeda in Iraq operating in Diyala, 15 terrorists killed (Baqubah)

MND-C Soldiers find 2 caches in 2 days

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda in Iraq networks, 19 suspected terrorists detained

Coalition forces capture Special Groups leader, criminal network facilitator; detain total of four

NPs detain two suspected extremists (West Rashid)

MND-B Forces seize enemy caches (West Rashid)

Soldiers seize two caches, detain two (Doura)

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Operations Forces detain 5 terror suspects

MND-North Soldiers liberate 2 from al Qaeda prison during Operation Phantom Phoenix (Baquba)

Night air raid drops 19,000 pounds of bombs, destroys 35 targets in Arab Jabour

Phantom Phoenix: More than 10 targets destroyed during ongoing air strikes in Arab Jabour

Iraqi and U.S. Forces target extremist networks in Baghdad, killing extremist commander

Coalition significantly disrupts al-Qaeda networks: two killed; 18 detained

Coalition Forces resume air assault on al-Qaeda targets (Arab Jabour)

Tips lead to detention of 10 AQI during Operation Phantom Phoenix

Coalition disrupts al-Qaeda networks in central Iraq; one killed, 19 detained

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Troops continue targeting militant hideouts in Waziristan

Pakistani military attacks rebel stronghold

Forty militants killed in Pakistan tribal area: military

General: Taliban Offensive Is Unlikely (No spring offensive)

1 rebel killed, 9 arrested by Afghan army

Afghan police kill 6 Taliban militants

Seven troops, 37 militants killed in Waziristan clashes

Afghan suicide attacker stumbles, explodes (2 work accidents)

Pakistani Army Seizes 35 Pro-Taliban Militants in Swat Valley

Karzai’s Eagles: The Afghan Air Force flies again

Forces seize explosives and arms in Swat

Eight Taliban fighters killed in Helmand (Taliban commander dead)

Would-be suicide attacker killed; two suspects held

The West:

Padilla, cohorts get 12 to 17 years

A Christmas Gift From al Qaeda (Tracking AQ online)

Serbia: Convicted terrorists get 40-year sentence

Bosnia: Mujahadeen leader Abu Hamza to be expelled

Israel / Levant:

Israeli missile strikes kill two Gaza militants

IDF officer wounded, militant killed in W. Bank

Palestinians break through Egyptian border wall (Is that an apartheid wall too?)

Israeli forces arrest Palestinian PM's adviser for Quds affairs

Palestinian activist killed in border armed clash

IDF troops operating in southern Gaza arrest 20 terror suspects

Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood to stop Gaza protests

India / Pakistan:

Four militants killed in J&K

Lashkar-e-Toiba Militant Killed

Former Jaish commander arrested

6 ‘terrorists’ arrested in Pindi, suicide jackets seized

Saudi Peninsula

AQ suspects in Belgians' killing arrested (Yemen)


Mauritania Charges 4 After French Deaths

Police search for Al-Qaeda’s lady in Algeria (Suicide bomber?)

Algeria To Leaflet Against Al-Qaeda In Maghreb

Algerian police kills terrorist, searching for another

Southeast Asia:

Extremist involved in Sipadan kidnap arrested (Philippines)

Sub-leader of Abu Sayyaf arrested in Philippines

Indonesia: Jihad may have ended in Poso

Two ULFA militants killed in police shootout in Assam (Eastern India)


Today's Roundup

Overwatch: looking for the enemy in Afghanistan.

About 60 rebel targets destroyed in Turkish air strike in Iraq

Iraqi forces set to raid three Sunni provinces to root out Al Qaida

Papers Paint New Portrait of Iraq's Foreign Insurgents (Bastards)

Iraqi Police clash with cult gunmen in southern Iraq

Coalition disrupts al-Qaeda networks across Iraq, 16 suspects detained

Concerned Local Citizens defend checkpoint (Al Quali)

One suspect detained in early morning search operation (Jurf Al Nadjaf)

MND-B Forces seize enemy rockets

Iraqi Army Soldiers find cache in Saydiyah

MND-B Soldiers find cache, arrest suspected extremist

MND-B Soldiers find two caches in Doura

MND-B Soldiers discover EFP, arrest 3

Iraqi Security Forces detain ten in separate operations

Iraqi Police, MND-N Soldiers kill insurgent leader during raid (Salah ad Din)

Iraqi Army raid leads to large cache (Al Kussyat)

ISF, CLCs take lead in AQI clearing operation (Buhritz Al-Abarra)

MND-North Soldiers capture Baquba extremist cell leader

Suicide bomber targets Baquba mosque

Al-Qaeda operations in northern Iraq disrupted; 13 killed, three detained

Coalition forces conduct air strike on al-Qaeda meeting, four terrorists killed (Qulay'ah)

Operation Phantom Phoenix air strikes take out al-Qaeda training area (Arab Jabour)

Local Iraqi farmer assists U.S. Forces (Ad Diwaniyah)

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

"Hope of the Nation" Reports the Taliban Falling Apart

Pak Forces kill 90 militants in Waziristan region

Villagers assist ANSF in removing weapons caches

Pak Army captures 40 militants in South Waziristan

US Troops Kill, Wound 2 Dozen Taliban

Pakistan gunships pound militant stronghold: residents

Combined forces kill or injure over two dozens of insurgents in Afghanistan

Pakistan arrests teen suspect in Bhutto plot

Army kills 10 Islamic militants in Pakistan's tribal region

20 Taliban killed in joint operation

Afghan, Coalition forces detain 4 insurgents, insurgent leader

Pakistani police say avert bomb, cyanide disaster

The West:

Canadian al-Qaida terrorist gets life in prison

Britain targets extremist websites

Spain arrests 14 suspects on Islamist 'terrorism' ties: ministry

Spanish police find explosive material in Barcelona sweep: minister

Jury out in 'terror camps' trial

‘Pakistan to give two Al Qaeda suspects to US’

The Caucasus:

Law enforcers killed 72 militants in Chechnya in 2007

Israel / Levant:

Israeli Airstrike Kills 2 Gaza Militants

Hamas four held in raids

Israel says arrested militants planning train attack

Israel flattens Hamas ministry in Gaza Strip

India / Pakistan:

Pak arrests two suicide bombers

Five ultras arrested in J-K

Bomb-making unit raided


About 500 terrorists identified in the Sahel (France helps in WOT)

(US military) AFRICOM to assist African countries, not establish military bases

Southeast Asia:

(Thailand) INTELLIGENCE BREAKDOWN (moslem intel officers betray their country)

Cops recover two bombs from a bus in lower Assam

Top ULFA militant killed, explosives seized


Today's Roundup

A Super Hornet launches off the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman in the Persian Gulf, Jan. 10, 2008.
U.S. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Ricardo J. Reyes

Today's Terrorist Roundup


US-Iraqi troops sweep Al Qaeda village haven

Al Qaeda in Iraq's shrinking area of operations

Click the map for story & large map
Turkey bombs rebel targets in northern Iraq

Anbar to revert to Iraqi control in March

American forces nab notorious insurgency chief in Iraq

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda near Hamrin Lake, three terrorists killed

Al-Qaeda operations in northern Iraq disrupted; two killed, 17 detained

Coalition forces capture criminal element network facilitator

U.S. Special Operations Forces train Iraqi Security Forces

Three IEDS found, destroyed in Adwaniyah

Soldiers capture HVT south of Baghdad

Phantom Phoenix denies enemy sanctuary

Suspected al-Qaeda counterfeiter arrested

Coalition forces target facilitation networks, attack cells; three terrorists killed, nine detained

ISF, MND-N Soldiers kill seven extremists after attack

Operation Phantom Phoenix: U.S. Soldiers find cache, given warheads

Iraqi Police capture suspected terrorists

Coalition forces degrade al-Qaeda networks; three terrorists killed, four detained

Operation Phantom Phoenix: Tip leads MND-North Soldiers to extremist car bomb factory and large cach

Coalition forces detain two suspects, disrupt criminal networks

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq operations, 14 suspects detained

Rakkasans uncover VBIED factory

U.S. boosts its use of airstrikes in Iraq

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Thirty-two militants killed in Pak madrasa blast (Missile or work accident?)

Taliban commander killed in Parachinar, claims official (Maulvi Mansoor )

Mehsud-Wazir tension grows after power cut

Seven troops, 40 Islamic militants killed in South Waziristan

Three Get Life Sentences For Plotting To Kill Musharraf

Pakistan Takes Control of Swat Valley From Militants

Two more Uzbek militants killed in Pakistan clash

Afghan kidnap gang arrested

The West:

Ex-Mich. congressman indicted in terrorist fund-raising conspiracy

Padilla Gets 30 to Life

The Caucasus:

Russian police kill four militants in Chechen capital

Security forces thwart Jihad plan to bomb Tel Aviv-Jerusalem railroad

Israel / Levant:

Lebanon Warrants Issued Against Al-qaida

West Bank: Jihadi leader killed in Israeli raid

India / Pakistan:

Five militants arrested

Nine Lashkar Workers Arrested in Kashmir: Police

Suicide attack suspects being investigated

Lashkar Top Commander Killed in Kashmir Gunfight

Saudi Peninsula

UN Sanctions 3 Kuwaitis for al-Qaida Tie


Mauritanian Officials Interrogate al Qaida-Linked Suspects About French Tourist Murder

U.S to help Mauritania confront al Qaeda threat

Algerian security forces kill al-Qaeda-inspired suspects east of capital

Southeast Asia:

Hunted Abu Sayyaf guerrilla killed (Philippines)

Italian priests staying despite kidnap threats (Philippines)

Police Hunting Down Suspected Female Al-Qaida Bombers In Southern Philippines


Today's Roundup

In a scene all too familiar to US Servicemen past and present, a UH-60 MEDEVAC Helicopter, always call signed Dust-off, evacuates US Army Paratroopers and Afghan Army soldiers who were ambushed near Forward Operating Base Bella in November.

Soldiers Find Front Line at Iraq House

Iraqi Forces arrest hundreds of Saudi Al Qaeda suspects (includes Saudi most wanted)

New group of Sunni leaders is gaining power

U.S. bombs Al Qaida safe havens, tracks down cash-starved operatives fleeing North, South

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Forces Detain Terrorist Cell Leader

U.S. says 60 killed in offensive against al Qaeda in Iraq

Coalition forces disrupt foreign terrorist facilitation networks, eight detained

Large cache, underground bunker system discovered during Operation Phantom Phoenix

Iraqi National Police foil kidnapping

Operation Phantom Phoenix: Pursuit of al–Qaeda continues

CLCs, ‘Strike’ troops locate caches, mortar rounds

CF, IA work together to clear out al-Qaeda in Iraq

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces uncover weapons cache

Coalition forces disrupt criminal element networks, armed man killed

Coalition forces targets foreign terrorists, propaganda and IED cells; 13 detained

Tips lead to destruction of booby-trapped houses during Operation Phantom Phoenix

Paratroopers discover rockets thanks to tip

Local Iraqi discovers explosive formed penetrator at major intersection

Coalition forces find prison facility, weapons caches in Diyala; 15 detained

Iraqi Soldiers find weapons cache in Saydiyah during Operation Phantom Phoenix

Coalition forces targets al-Qaeda networks in Baghdad, Mosul; 15 detained

Coalition targets al-Qaeda leadership, media networks; two killed, 11 detained

Coalition forces capture Special Groups facilitator, disrupt criminal networks

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces Detain IED Specialists in Hillah and Balad

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

3 Taliban killed in clash with Afghan police

23 Pro-Taliban Militants Killed Near Afghan Border

Troops arrest 4 most-wanted militants

Massive crackdown in South Waziristan 50 militants killed in two days

Top Taliban leader killed in Pakistan (Iranian source)

Two Uzbek fighters killed in Waziristan (local tribes fight back)

ANA deliver infant saving mother, child

The West:

Al Qaeda Is Building a White Army of Terror

Ex-Leaders of Islamic Charity Are Convicted

Spain, France reach accord on fighting terrorism

Serbia: Trial begins for 15 Wahabi terrorism suspects

Southeast Asia:

Indonesia's success: using terrorists to fight terrorism

Army to beef-up combatants to slam insurgents (Philippines)

The Caucasus:

Three militants killed in special operation in Makhachkala

Troops kill four militants in grenade attack

Russia puts Beslan activists on trial

Russia forces kill 6 rebels in Dagestan

Police kill two rebels in Dagestan

Israel / Levant:

Egyptian cell plotted Israel attack (14 arrested)

Syrian-Born Qaida Member Arrested in Beirut

Lebanese Army detains Fatah al-Islam member

Israeli airstrike kills 3 Gaza militants

Police arrest five suspected of planning terrorist attacks

India / Pakistan:

Two LET militants killed

3 OGWs arrested

Fugitive Lashkar suspect arrested


Plot to kill Queen Elizabeth foiled (Uganda)

Mauritanians Arrested in Tourist Deaths

Al Qaeda suspects extradited to Mauritania


Today's Roundup

PATRIOT STRIKE - Army Staff Sgt. Joe Hammond, right front, leads his squad through a gully during Operation Patriot Strike in Ubaydi, Iraq. Hammond is assigned to the the 101st Airborne Division's Company B, 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment.
U.S. Army Sgt. Ben Brody

U.S. Airstrikes Hit 'Qaida Safe Havens'

Al-Qaeda leader caught in W. Mosul

Two al-Qaeda operatives arrested in Diala

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq IED specialists (Hillah)

Citizen tip leads Coalition to cache (Baghdad)

Al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist behind Oct. 11 attacks identified as Mullah Jasim

Air strike engages suspected IED emplacers during Operation Phantom Phoenix (Muqdadiyah)

UAV, Apaches tag team to take out IED emplacers Yusufiyah

Operation Marne Thunderbolt clears al-Qaeda from southeast Baghdad

Iraqi Army finds bomb making facility outside Baghdad (Al Baytara, Abu Ghraib)

MND-North Soldiers kill 4 extremists, destroy HBIED with air strikes (Khan Bani Sa’ad)

Black Lions capture suspected extremist (Baghdad)

Dragons find five caches, detain three (Rashid)

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda leaders in northern Iraq, six detained

Operation Iron Harvest clears al-Qaeda from northern Iraq (Baquba)

Coalition forces positively identify terrorist killed in operation Dec. 25

Air strike destroys AQI safe house, reveals large cache (Busayefi)

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detain extremist cell leader, 3 suspected extremists (Baghdad)

Iraqi Army, Coalition Forces find caches, detain terrorist (Kirkuk)

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq operations; three killed; 28 detained

Coalition forces capture Special Groups leader; detain four suspects (Baghdad)

Treasury Dept. Targets Iraqi Insurgents' Money

General: Anbar ready for handover

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Taliban Tiff Turns Toxic (Dadullah vs Omar)

Pakistan army strikes hideout of pro-Taliban militant leader (Fazlullah)

Al Qaeda suicide cell leader captured in Pakistan

Pakistani Tribesmen raising anti-Al Qaeda Army (great news!)

Tribal chief tells militants to leave

Afghanistan arrests 11 Taliban fighters

Afghanistan: A First Step Toward 'Turning' Moderate Taliban?

18 suspected militants arrested in Swat

The West:

Britain jails would-be Taliban fighter

Sparks fly in Padilla sentencing hearing

Two British residents face extradition hearing over Al Qaida allegations

Couple Linked to Al Qaeda Online Video Threat to Face Trial in Austria

Terror Bloggers Claim Paris Attack Plan

Bosnia begins deportations of foreign fighters

German policeman says Lebanese plotters planned 'bloodbath'

The Caucasus:

Six militants killed in Dagestan, Russia

Wahhabi gunman killed in Dagestan

Israel / Levant:

Six Al-Qaeda suspects held in custody pending trial (Turkey)

Two Palestinians killed in Israeli raid in Gaza

High-ranking Fatah al-Islam member arrested (Lebanon)

India / Pakistan:

A Top Hizbul Militant Surrenders in Kashmir


Tunisia Court Upholds Terror Conviction (ex-Gitmo inmate)

Terror suspect extradited from Spain remains in Moroccan custody

Algeria: Several terrorists killed or wounded in Army’s onslaught in Constantine

Southeast Asia:

Philippines to Charge 15 in Mall Blast

Philippines aims to cut Abu Sayyaf strength by half this year

A shock to the system (Moslem spies in Thai military)

Preparations for (US-Filipino war games called) Balikatan in high gear

Islam in Indonesia - Where “soft Islam” is on the march

Radical Solution to Terrorism (Indonesia)