Today's Roundup

U.S. Marines from Task Force Guardian provide security during a search of Iraqi students from the Neighborhood Watch Community Program during a graduation ceremony at the Rowsafi School in Hitaween, Iraq. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Sarah Furrer

We Haven't Won in Iraq, but al Qaida Has Lost (Must Read)

'Al Qaida in Iraq is on the run': U.S. takes out top commander north of Baghdad

U.S. military: al-Qaida in Iraq 'Emir of Mosul', 2 foreign militants killed

U.S. troops capture suspected al-Qaida militant linked to Sunni tribal leader killing

US raids uncover 'link to Iran'

Al-Qaeda in Iraq slowly finds itself with no future

7 terrorists killed, 31 suspects detained in Coalition operations

Soldiers, aviators engage insurgents in Salman Pak

Coalition forces capture 12 suspected terrorists in Baghdad

Marne Husky ends with capture of insurgent

Citizens find, report explosives

Senior al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist detained near Taji during Iraqi Scout, U.S. Special Operations Forces mission

Three terrorists killed, 13 al-Qaeda suspects detained in Tigris River Valley

Coalition forces capture wanted terrorist in Baghdad

Coalition airpower provides overwatch and targets enemy mortar positions

Soldiers find, destroy two EFPs in eastern Baghdad

Operation Dragon Talon II nets arrests, cache discoveries

Iraqi Forces, U.S. Special Forces kill Al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist, detain 18 others in northern Iraq

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Operations Forces detain seven terrorists

Coalition forces find weapons, explosives near Tarmiyah

Coalition forces kill one terrorist, detain 7 suspects

Coalition forces capture 11 suspected al-Qaeda members

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain 7 Shi’a extremists

Air assault nets IED cell leader

Soldiers find ordnance cache in Arab Jabour

Iraqi boy leads troops to weapons cache

An interview with a mukhtar (Good Read)

Ex-al-Qaida bomber says he was tricked (interesting, much like 9/11 hijackers)

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

NATO launches new anti-Taliban operation

Taliban Kidnapper of Korean Hostages Killed

Australian troops take it straight to Taliban

14 Taliban, One British Soldier Killed In Southern Afghanistan

US wants new military offensive in Pak's tribal areas

16 militants, two soldiers killed

Pakistani security forces kill 18 pro-Taliban militants

Weapons seized: Tehran accused of arming Taliban

The West:

Jury Selection Starts in Terrorism Case (Sears Tower)

Al-Qaeda suspect to face London court

Quebec terror suspect remanded in custody

Operation Niche: The Conviction of Mohammed Atif Siddique

Magazine claims terrorist in NZ

Israel / Levant:

Israeli warplane strike Gaza militants post

IDF hunts for Hamas cell in Nablus raid

Osama bin Laden 'sidelined' within al-Qaeda

Lebanon Captures 4 Sunni Militants

Jordan jihadis vow fight to the end (" Iraq I feel calm, happy and comfortable. There is a lot of blood, killing and carnage...)

India / Pakistan:

Massive Operation Launched Against Militants in North Kashmir

15 Al-Qaeda activists arrested in Manipur

Hizbul militants among 3 arrested in JK

Top Hizb commander among six held in J-K

Suspected HuM terrorist arrested in New Delhi

Top LeT Commander gunned down

Al-Qaeda taking a new approach to terrorism in India - outsourcing


Muslim scholar says: Qaeda should repent Algeria bombing

Al-Qaeda dismisses Algerian chief (weird)

Southeast Asia:

Foreign funding to Abu Sayyaf dries up (Great news!)

Army continues war vs Abu Sayyaf despite Ramadan

MILF offers to pull out forces in Basilan, Sulu

Three Bali bombers ready to die, lawyer says (Buh-Bye)

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