Today's Round-up


Nothing can be finer than to be in Carolina - Capt. Benjamin Caricofe and his girlfriend, Julia Hughes, are reunited as he returned to Charleston Air Force Base, S.C. More than 117 Airmen from the 16th Airlift Squadron returned to Charleston AFB after being deployed for more than four months to Southwest Asia. Captain Caricofe is a 16th AS C-17 pilot. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Nicholas Pilch)

US troops launch assault in Kirkuk

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain three extremists in night raids

Lightning Hammer II uncovers VBIEDs, IED cache in Mosul

Five suspects detained during operations against al-Qaeda

ISF, CF sweep through Kirkuk

Hunter UAV kills two enemy fighters (First army UAV kills)

Rashid Clearing: Iraqi Army, Dragon Troops Find Weapons Caches

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain 2 al Qaeda in Iraq cell leaders, one terrorist

Iraqi Forces, U.S. Special Forces detain six Shi’a extremists in Baghdad

Coalition forces kill one militant while detaining four suspects in search for weapons facilitator

Three terrorists killed, 18 suspects detained in Coalition raids

Six terrorists killed, 25 suspects detained, al-Qaeda network disrupted

Iraqi Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Forces battle Shi’a extremists

Concerned citizen leads IA to caches in Diyala’s River Valley

Iraqi official arrested over Askari Shrines' bombing of last year

Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's top aide killed in Najaf (Red on Red)

Sunni sheikhs turn their sights from US forces to Al-Qaeda

Iraqi air force makes strides toward transition

Israel / Levant:

Lebanese Army kills fugitive Fatah al-Islam militant

Israel Kills Terrorists in Gaza

IDF kills 10 Palestinian militants in Gaza Strip, foils attack on IDF post

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Al-Qaeda-linked Kabul suicide network busted

Over 40 militants killed in southern Afghanistan

'Taliban commander' killed in battle

Canadian troops push Taliban from Zhari -- again

Pak Gunship Kills 6 Terrorist in Mir Ali

Taking On The Taleban

The long struggle for one valley ("Once people realized we were not going away, we began to get tips from them")

Canadian Brig-Gen. Laroche says Taliban fighting strength sapped

The West:

German Police Hunt for More Terror Suspects After Bomb Plot

(UK) Islamist party 'is targeting university students' (ex-leader says HuT "warp the Koran's true message")

Hizb-ut-Tahrir's Activities in the United States

Bulk of intel on al Qaeda coming from captured insurgents, not U.S. spy recruits

U.S. intercept key in German terror plot (wiretaps)

Russia launches military clampdown in Caucasus (Hunting for Magomed Albakov)

India / Pakistan:

Hizbul Mujahideen commander killed in Kashmir

Hyderabad Police Follow the Money

First female HuM arms carrier– a law student - among 2 arrested

Hizb militant shot dead in Doda

JMB bomber held in Comilla, India

Indian Army foils infiltration attempt from Pakistan


Training programmes signal deepening US ties with West Africa

Algeria: 7 Militants Killed While Hiding in a Cave

Southeast Asia:

Bali bomber's date with death closer

4 Sayyaf men fall in Philippines

13 suspected insurgents rounded up in Narathiwat, Thailand

Tentative peace talks for Thai south

Bali Bomb Maker Dulmatin Slips Back into Sulawesi, Indonesia

Dulmatin Ally Arrested in Philippines

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