Today's Round-up

U.S. Army Sgt. Paul Watson, a native of Manchester, England and a member of the British Army's Royal Guards, pulls rear security on a combined U.S., Iraqi, and British patrol at Patrol Base Lion's Den, Iraq.
U.S. Army photo by Spc. Christina Mc Cann

Al-Qaeda "Emir of Mosul" Shot, Killed by ISF

High Value Individual detained in Al Anbar Province

Two Alleged Al-Qaeda "Emirs", 20 Other Suspects Captured; Four Terrorists Killed

Coalition Continues to Target al Qaeda Leaders in Iraq

MND-B Soldiers Find Large Weapons Cache Near Falahat

Tribal Members Assist in Detention of Three al-Qaida Leaders

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces Detain Four Rogue JAM Suspects

Paratrooper Awarded Silver Star for Actions in Samarra

Coalition Forces Reclaim Jamea'a During Operation: Rogue Thunder

Troops Capture Three Suspected Insurgents in East Baghdad

High-Level al-Qaeda Cell Members Detained Near Taji

The West:

Terror Suspect Pleads Guilty to Aiding Terrorists in Ohio Mall Plot

Jose Padilla co-Defendant Rests Case in Terror Support Trial

Kremlin Intensifies Military Buildup in Caucasus

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

1 NATO Soldier, 10 Suspected Taliban Killed in Afghanistan Clashes

One Killed in Clash Between Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza

15 Militants Killed in Waziristan

Pakistani Forces Rescue 3 Kidnapped Soldiers After Fighting with Militants

Pakistani Police Arrest Two Suspected Taliban Militants

Taliban No. 2 Behind Abductions

Israel / Levant:

Lebanese Troops Kill 4 Militants

India / Pakistan:

LeT's Five Afghani Terrorists Killed in Encounter

Top Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Killed in J&K

Lashkar Militant, Accomplice Arrested in Kashmir, by Indian Army


Algiers Attacks Mastermind Killed

GSPC Leader in South Algeria Surrenders

Southeast Asia:

Thai Police Say 5 Suspected Muslim Insurgents Killed in Gunbattle

Over 30 Suspected Insurgents Arrested in Thai South

Five More Suspected Insurgents Netted in Thailand

Manhunt on for Beheading Suspects (Phillipines)

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