Today's Round-up

Norwegian Capt Steine W. Skjaeret, on foot patrol in Kabul, is greeted warmly by Afghan women.

Photo by Sgt Andreas Steindl

Iraqi security forces & U.S. Advisors Battle Mahdi Army in Karbala

Iraqi National Police Rescue Infant from Trash After Terrorists Murder Mother, Uncle

U.S., Iraqi Generals Chart Security Progress in Baghdad

Iraqi, Coalition Forces Consolidating Anbar Gains

Iraq Operations Net Suspected Weapons Smuggler (from Iran)

MND-B Attack Aircraft Kills Two Armed Insurgents

Iraqi Army, U.S. Special Forces Detain Jaysh al-Mahdi Cell Leader

Coalition Forces Detain Four Suspected Special Groups Terrorists

MND-B Attack Aircraft Kill 7 Insurgents

Iraqi Security Forces, U.S. Special Forces Detain al-Qaeda in Iraq Members

'Holy warrior' Turns Against the Cause

The West:

Terrorist Aide Sentenced in New York

Court Hearing for London and Glasgow Attacks Suspect

Man Gets 10-year Term in 'Virginia Jihad' Case

Bosnia: High Representative Demands Expulsion of Islamic Radicals

Russian Interior Begins Special Preventive Operation in Ingushetia

Sleeper Terrorist Had al-Qaida Links (UK paid him $240K in welfare)

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Stepping Up Hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Taliban and Al Qaeda Hideouts (The Reaper)

ISAF Kills 160 Taliban Since Sunday

Zawahiri ‘Obsessed With Killing Musharraf’

Freed Prisoners Return to Jihad, Says US Military (Duh!)

Israel / Levant:

Three Fatah Activists Injured in Hamas Shooting

Lebanon: Army Seizes Command Bunker (terrorists hide behind women, children)

India / Pakistan:

Suspected Lashkar Guerrilla from Kashmir Arrested in Indian Capital

Senior Militants Killed in J&K

Hizbul IED Expert Arrested


Algerian Military Kills 22 Al-Qaeda Militants

Southeast Asia:

Philippines: Talks Avert Threat of Guerilla Conflict

Indonesian President Says Terrorists Are Losing Their Battle to Spread Hatred

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