Today's Roundup

CLEARING PROCEDURES - U.S. Army soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment instruct Iraqi police room clearing procedures on Forward Operating Base Volunteer in Baghdad, Iraq.
Photo By: Spc. Nicholas A. Hernande, US Army

Sunni Tribal Militias To Fight Iraqi Insurgents

Iraqi Forces Find, Detonate Car Bombs in Sunni Leader's Complex (story #1)

Son of Sunni Leader Arrested in Iraq (story #2)

Iraqi journalist falsely says 11 relatives had been killed by security forces

4 suspects detained in Rashid

Coalition forces target car-bombers, assassins, kidnappers; one killed, 16 detained

Concerned Local Citizens, Coalition Forces secure 3 weapons caches

Coalition forces capture two targeted suspects; disrupt criminal network

Insurgent safe house, house-borne IED blown up (Arab Jabour)

An Nasiriyah SWAT captures high-level IED facilitator, four others

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, car-bombers, propaganda cells

Coalition forces find weapons caches with help from local Iraqis; 18 suspects detained

Iraqi Army seizes counterfeit money (eastern Baghdad)

VBIED discovered near office of COR member; more than 40 detained

Tip leads to cache in eastern Baghdad

Black Lions arrest alleged extremist leaders (West Rashid)

7 suspects detained in Rashid

An Nasiriyah SWAT operation targets extremist IED facilitators

‘Operation Varsity March’ Nets al Qaida Weapons Smuggler

Iraqi SWAT Unit Targets Bomb-Making Cells Near Nasiriyah

Turkey says inflicts heavy casualties on PKK in Iraq

Turkish army arrests 60 PKK fighters

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Pakistani troops arrest 25 militants in Swat

Pakistan arrests 11 suspected militants in northwest

US to target Al Qaeda hideouts inside Pakistan, says Bush

Operation against Swat militants continues

Pakistan security arrests brother of militant leader (Maulana Fazalullah)

Seven Taliban arrested by villagers in Pakistan

Three militants killed in Bajaur, Pakistan

Attack kills 30 Taliban militants (Kandahar)

Four Taliban killed at Afghan wedding

Three Insurgent IED Makers/Planters Killed by Coalition Forces

The West:

Turkey says Germany has extradited 2 PKK militants

Prosecutors seek life sentence for Padilla

Jurors to begin deliberations Monday in Sears Tower terror trial

Slovakia extradites al-Qaeda terrorist suspect to Algeria

Lebanese-American pleads guilty in bid to aid Hezbollah (Detroit)

Probable Connection Between Al Qa'ida and Hizb ut Tahrir

The Caucasus:

Man detained in Dagestan on suspicion planning attack on polling day

Potential guerrilla recruits detained in Chechnya’s Shatoysky district

Serviceman, militant killed in Chechnya attack

Israel / Levant:

Israeli Strike Kills 5 Militants in Gaza

Youths with bombs stopped at Hawara Checkpoint

IDF arrests two suspected terrorists in Nablus overnight

Egyptian police seize explosives, uncover tunnels near Gaza border

One killed, three injured by Israeli forces near refugee camp in Gaza

India / Pakistan:

Lashkar Commander Killed Near Shalimar

Police teams arrest 2 in bomb seizure case

Saudi Peninsula

Prince Naif Asks Islamic Scholars to Fight Deviants

Kuwaitis Convicted of Jihad Group Membership Sentenced To Death


Algeria, Mali set up joint border patrols to fight terrorists

Southeast Asia:

Fresh fighting in southern Philippines, 15 terrorists killed

Two suspected militants shot dead in Manipur

Troops seize sayyaf, MNLF camp in Sulu, Philippines

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