Today's Roundup

PREDATOR PREP - U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Justin Cole, Tech. Sgt. Marcus Cottengim and Chief Master Sgt. Roy Cupper conduct a pre-flight inspection on an MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle on Ali Air Base, Iraq.
Photo By: U.S. Air Force, Airman 1st Class Jonathan Snyder

US Air Assault Targets Militants (Search for US POWs)

Iraqis push Al Qaeda out of last stronghold in Baghdad

US airstrikes kill 25 Al Qaida suspects in Iraq

Iraqi citizens group holds off al-Qaida (Iraqi minutemen)

U.S. forces kill al-Qaida leader in Mosul

Iraq troops capture 59 Al-Qaida suspects

Iraqi forces detain 30 Al Qaida suspects and chemicals

Clash in Iraq Kills 18 al-Qaida Members

Coalition forces detain 10 suspects during operations targeting al-Qaeda

Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police detain 12, discover caches, car bomb factory (Salah ad Din)

Coalition forces disrupt senior al-Qaeda operations; 25 killed, 21 detained (Baghdad)

Tip leads to large explosive cache (Baghdad)

Iraqi volunteers find 5 car bombs (Adhamiyah)

Special Groups Leader captured by Coalition forces (Baghdad)

Iraqi citizens, MND-B Soldiers attacked (Baghdad)

Coalition forces detain 26 suspects targeting al-Qaeda networks

UPDATE: Coalition forces positively identify terrorist killed in recent raid (Tarmiyah)

Iraqi Special Forces capture extremist leader in Taji

MND-B Soldiers find cache, capture suspect (Doura)

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detain extremist leaders in Baghdad

Seven extremists captured in night raid (Jisr Diyala)

1-15th Inf. Regt. detains 10, kills one extremist (Al Bawi)

Local children find mortar, Concerned Local Citizens find caches (Hawr Rajab)

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda networks; one killed, 14 detained

Tip leads to 7th cache in 3 weeks for Iraqi Forces

Iraqi National Police capture terrorist suspect (Doura)

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda media networks; six killed, 15 detained

Concerned Local Citizens find and remove IEDs, mortars (Adwaniya)

Coalition, Iraqi Security Forces find cache (Baghdad)

Two caches, suspects seized (Baghdad)

Iraqi Police, Coalition Forces strike enemy west of Samarra

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda network; 16 suspects detained

Soldiers find large cache in Haswa

Iraqi Police, U.S. Special Forces detain 4 extremists in Samarra

Tip from Iraqi volunteers leads to cache, rockets (Baghdad)

Ten suspects detained as Coalition forces target al-Qaeda

Joint operation retakes area from extremists (Jabella)

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, one suspected terrorist wounded, 19 suspects

8th Iraqi Army Division Soldiers, U.S. Special Forces capture extremist in Diwianiyah

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda leadership; two terrorists killed

At least 76 al-Qaeda suspects held in Iraq

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Central Asia:

25 suspected Taliban killed in clashes

Seven Prisoners Rescued from Taliban (2 Taliban killed, 10 captured)

Top pro-Taliban commander among 80 militants killed in Pak (Matiullah)

Pakistan gunships raid militant bunkers: army

Several Taliban killed in Helmand

Pak Army to launch major offensive in Waziristan before Eid

150 Taliban militants, 45 Pak soldiers killed in Waziristan

NATO troops targeting Taliban leadership on eastern front

Pak counterattack kills 41 in Swat

British troops battle Taliban in offensive (Helmand)

Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill Dozens of Taliban Fighters (Uruzgan)

Pak Army helicopters kills 4 suspected militants

British forces to capitalise on Taliban 'split'

Afghan National Police Take Down IED Cell Photo

Leaders discuss Bamyan development, visit Buddhas destroyed by Taliban

Two suspected militants detained

Several militants killed

Foreign fighter facilitator detained

Afghan coalition forces free Taliban prisoners

ANSF kill several dozen

ANSF save Afghans

Despite wounds ANA, ANP fight bravely

Coalition servicemember dies

Six suspected militants detained

Several militants, three civilians killed

ANA save two Coalition soldiers

Five suspected foreign fighter facilitators

ANSF Coalition forces refute false claim

Several Taliban killed in Helmand Province

Several militants killed ten detained during combined force

Several militants killed seven, detained in IED-disruption

6 suspected militants detained in Afghanistan (Wardak)

Israel / Levant:

IDF strike leaves two militants dead in Gaza

Palestinian militants clash in Lebanon camp

The West:

(Liberty 7)

Lawyers in NY terror case say security clearance unconstitutional

Albania reveals list of terrorist suspects

Six Bosnians Arrested In France Recruiting Insurgents For Iraq

Police detain four suspected militants in Chechnya

The Caucasus:

Two arms smugglers detained in Nalchik suburb

Police suspect 10 extremists behind hunters' massacre

Eight Militants Killed In Dagestan (Russia) Police Assault

India / Pakistan:

Hizbul Mujahideen militant arrested in J&K

Top Harkat leader killed in Sopore

Police Claim Arrest of Hizbul Militant

J&K encounters kill 9 HuM militants

Top militant, three associates killed in Kashmir

3 Pakistani militants held in Lucknow

Maldives battles Islamist offensive


Nigerian police arrest Al-Qaeda suspects

Algerian army winning battle against Al-Qaeda: expert

Weapons Siezed in Mogadishu

Al-Qaida's obsessive fixation on the Maghreb

Algeria: Army Kills Terrorist Leader in Tizi Ouzou

Southeast Asia:
Three suspected Islamic militants killed in Philippine capital (Parliament bombers)

Abu Sayyaf strength 'definitely going down,'--military chief

Seven Abu Sayyaf rebels charged with murder

Cops bag former Congressman Salapuddin's ex-aide in clash with Sayyaf

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