The Roundup for April 18, 2008

KILLED OR CAPTURED - A chart showing senior al-Qaida leaders recently killed or captured and several pages of a letter found by coalition forces on the body of a terrorist were released in Baghdad, Iraq, during a media briefing by U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Kevin Bergner, a Multinational Force Iraq spokesman.

Suspects in Maupin's Death Get Death Sentence

Airstrike kills 4 in Basra, 2 die in Sadr City clashes

Turkey: Army strikes militants in northern Iraq

Intercepted al-Qaida Letter Reveals Tactics, Strategy (53 AQI leaders killed or captured this month)

Iraqi Army finds weapons cache in vehicle (Haw al-Askery)

Iraqi Army discovers IED materials during clearing operations (Mahmudiyah)

Iraqi Army takes lead in Marne Piledriver

Sons of Iraq lead MND-C Soldiers to weapons cache (Tameem)

One terrorist killed, five suspects detained in Mosul

One suspected terrorist detained in joint operation; local SOI groups reject AQI

13 al-Qaeda suspects detained

Coalition UAV engages RPG team, kills four criminals (Basra)

Iraqi Security Forces detain 2 wanted criminal leaders, 10 others in Basrah

MND-B Soldiers seize rockets, weapons cache (Baghdad)

Rocket cache found by MND-C Soldiers, Iraqi Security Forces (Baghdad)

Two key suspects detained in Seddah

Coalition forces detain 18 suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorists

Iraqi DBE discover anti-tank mines after attack from dismounted insurgents

Coalition detains alleged AQI leader, three other suspects in Mosul

MND-B Soldiers seize munitions in Rashid

SOI repel checkpoint attack, kill 2 AQI near Balad

One terrorist killed, 14 detained in operations targeting AQI leaders

MND-B Soldiers defend themselves, kill 6 criminals (Eastern Baghdad)

Operation Charge of Knights continues progress in Basrah

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Afghan villagers save school, clinic from insurgents (Gotta read this!)

Infamous Taliban Leader (Mullah Ismail) Killed In Pakistan

(UK) Army has killed 7,000 Taliban

Key Taliban commander offers surrender

Key Taliban commander arrested by Afghan police

Suspected weapons facilitators detained in Helmand province

Insurgents on motorcycles killed in Zabul

Afghan, Coalition forces destroy IED-making compound in Oruzgan

ANA, CF continue to neutralize Taliban insurgents

Joint forces detain Haqqani network commander

Detained IED facilitators identified (Sheik Soup, LOL!)

Pakistan nabs 3 militants linked to killings of 7 charity workers

Two Taliban militants arrested in Punjab

Canadian Tanks Stomp Taliban

The West:

Quebec's Muslim Moderates Fight Back

New Charges Filed Against Former USF Students

(UK) Six guilty of terrorism support

India / Pakistan:

Militant hideout busted in J-K

Lashkar Top Gun Killed in Kashmir Gunfight

Israel / Levant:

Head of Islamic Jihad in Qabatya Killed by IDF Forces

Three Israeli soldiers, four militants killed in Gaza raids

Four Hamas militants killed in eastern Gaza (Senior member captured)

U.N. Security Council Calls on Hezbollah to Disarm

Israel imposes full closure of Palestinian territories

Israeli troop kills Quds brigades activists in Jenin


Mauritania Uncovers ‘Terror Cell’

Mauritania police arrest third suspect in French tourist killings

Algerian Troops Stop AQM Summit Meeting

Algeria forces kill 10 rebel bomb plotters

Southeast Asia:

Indonesia: Police arrest two alleged Jemaah Islamiyah members (Major catch)

The Caucasus / Former Soviet Republics:

Six suspected Islamic extremists arrested in Bashkortostan

Attackers killed in shootout with police in Chechnya