Today's Roundup

Afghanistan National Army Commando cadets perform an exercise assault mission on a building at Camp Moorehead, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. The exercise was part of their training before graduating the Commando course. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Michael Carter)

Iraqi Army captures al-Qaeda leader, his aide

How Small Raids Net Big Gains

Gasps from al Qaeda (Excellent article)

Concerned Local Citizens Vastly Improve Security in Iraq’s Diyala Province (Peace amongst 25 tribes)

15 civilians killed with 19 militants in Iraq raid

Was Iraq's Defense Minister Working for the US? (Story #1)

Was Iraq's Defense Minister Working for the US? (Story #2)

Shiites grow disillusioned with militia in Baghdad (Mahdi Army)

Sunni clan joins fight against al-Qaida, remains critical of U.S. in Iraq

U.S. reports record number of tips from Sunnis in Baghdad

Concerned Citizens discover cache

Iraqis willing to hand over wanted detainees to S.A.

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

Foreigners Among Rebels Killed Near Afghan Line, Pakistan Says

Afghan citizens continue to rid their villages of munitions caches

Coalition forces battle enemy fighters in Zabul Province

Afghan civilians help thwart IED attacks in Shkin Village

Gunman plotting Eid attack killed in Afghanistan

The West:

Scotland: Lockerbie bomber in new appeal

Jailed '93 WTC bomber claims he's now a Christian (Ramzi Yousef)

Terror Jury Hears Al-Qaida Oaths

Terrorist suspects, drugs seized at ports

59 Suspects Go on Trial in Nalchik (Russia)

India / Pakistan:

1 kg uranium seized from Bengal bus

Terrorist held by Mumbai police

Two soldiers, five militants killed in Kashmir

Two Pakistan-based suicide attackers killed in Kashmir

Saudi Peninsula

Seven years since USS Cole bombing

Southeast Asia:

Asia Making Progress in Terror Fight

Suspected insurgent killed in Narathiwat firefight (Thailand)

Bali bombing victims remembered (5 years ago today)

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