Today's Round-up

A U.S. soldier runs through smoke during a joint patrol with Iraqi soldiers in Baquba June 29, 2007. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic (IRAQ)


Al-Qaeda''s "mufti" killed near Fallujah

US troops kill 26 gunmen in operation in Baghdad suburb

Coalition Forces Control About Half of Baghdad

Informants Guide U.S. Troops In Baqouba

U.S. Kills Senior Egyptian al Qaeda Figure in Iraq

Iran-Tied Terrorist, Other Suspects Nabbed In Iraq Raids

Iraqi Special Operation Forces Detain Insurgent Leader

Operation Golden Eagle II Detains 59

Iraqi Army Raids Terrorist Enclaves in Diyala

Two Separate Raids Net 17 Suspected Secret Cell Terrorists; Approximately 26 Killed


UK Police Hunt Suspect Who Fled Bomb Car

London Bomb

Spain Arrests Two al-Qaeda Suspects

Afghanistan / Pakistan:

U.S., Afghan Troops Seize 16 Suspected Taliban in Raid

Pak to hold Gitmo inmates for US?

Al-Qaeda Militants Held on Pak-Iran Border

Troops Kill Militants in Eastern Afghanistan

India / Pakistan:

Kidnapping Ransom Used to Fund 9/11 Attacks?

Three killed at Waziristan explosion in Pakistan (work accident)

Eleven Militants, 2 Soldiers Killed in Violent Upsurge

Israel / Levant:

Israeli newspaper says missile attacks inflicted extensive damage

Lebanese kill Islamic militants in cave hideout

al-Zarqawi's Brother May be in Palestinian Camp (Lebanon)

Meet Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Islamic Threat No One Knows About

Israeli Troops Battle Fatah Militants (our "allies")


Marines Train Djiboutian Navy in Security Tactics

Five AQ Suspect Arrested in an Internet Cafe

Southeast Asia:

New Abu Sayyaf Leader Named

Philippine Military to Launch Fresh Offensive on Jolo Island

Jolo Map

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